Can I use vinegar to clean natural stone?

Cleaning Natural Stone with Vinegar: What Can You Use?

In the following article, we will share various ways to clean natural stone using vinegar. There are many types of stones which can be cleaned with vinegar. Some of them include granite, marble, slate, dolomite and sandstone.

All these types of rocks have different characteristics and needs when it comes to cleaning. The most common type of rock used for home or office decorating is granite. It is one of the hardest natural materials known to man. Its hardness makes it suitable for building construction projects such as house foundations and staircases.

Granite is a very durable material. However, its durability does not mean that it cannot be damaged if mishandled or exposed to extreme temperatures. If you want to clean your granite countertops, then you need to take necessary precautions so that they do not get scratched up during the cleaning process.

The best way to clean granite is with a product called “Stone Scrub”. It consists of two parts; a scrubbing agent and a water solution. The combination of both ingredients helps in removing dirt, grime and other impurities from the surface of the stone.

The scrubber is made out of steel mesh and it works well at getting rid of any kind of grit on the surface.

Vinegar is a non-toxic liquid that can be used to clean any surface. It is considered safe and effective for cleaning all kinds of surfaces including granite, marble, slate, dolomite and sandstone. Vinegar is made from fermented fruits and vegetables.

It contains acetic acid which helps in removing dirt from the skin.

How To Clean Granite Countertop With Vinegar? At first sight, the abrasive pad may look too harsh for a delicate material like granite. However, this could not be further from the truth. The steel mesh is soft enough to get rid of dirt but also strong enough to resist tearing apart.

Needless to say, the stones need to be dried with a clean, soft and dry cloth or rag after you are done cleaning them. The rag has to be used with care and you must not scrub hard on the surface of the stones. Doing so may scratch or damage the surface of the stones.

As you can see, cleaning stone countertops does not have to be a difficult job. With the right tools and products, you should be able to get your kitchen looking great in no time at all.

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