Can you paint over water based polyurethane?

The following are some of the things you need to know about can you paint over water-based polyurethane:

1) Water Based Polyurethane (Water-Based Paint) Sticks To Water-Based Polyester Paint

2) Can You Use Oil Painting Over Water Based Polyester? Yes, But Only If You Have A Good Clear Coat On Your Car’s Interior!

Can You Paint Over Water-BASED POLYURETHANE?

Yes, but only if you have a good clear coat on your car’s interior. There are several reasons why it may not work well.

First of all, you must first understand that water-based paints do not adhere very well to each other. They usually don’t even stick to one another at all. So what does this mean? Well, when you apply a water-based paint to your vehicle’s interior, it doesn’t just look like there is no surface between the two colors. What happens instead is that you end up with a layer of white or light gray paint on top of the color underneath. And this isn’t necessarily bad because sometimes it looks pretty nice. However, it could actually cause problems if you try to put another type of paint on top of it. This is because there really isn’t anything to hold the new paint in place. If you were to use an oil-based paint, it would probably stick to the water-based layer real well. But as I said before, this isn’t a good thing. If the water-based layer is allowed to dry thoroughly (which takes quite a while) then you can apply the oil-based paint over it. This will work better.

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