Can you screw into edge of plywood?

1. What are the advantages of using a hinge?

Hinges make it easier to open or close your door. They allow you to move furniture inside or outside. You may want to use them when moving furniture because you don’t have enough room to store it properly anymore.

Hinges are easy to use. When you push your furniture up against the door, you can fold it open and closed.

Hinges can come in many different shapes and sizes. You need to decide which type of hinge you want to use for the door.

Hinges are strong. They will keep your door open and stay in place, even when there is a lot of weight on them. You have to make sure it will look good with your door and furniture.

One type of hinge looks like two tiny metal arms. You can also get hinges that look like two strips of metal that hook into each other. The third type looks like a loop of wire.

You want to choose the right hinge that fits with your door and furniture.

2. Can I use an understanding of this technology for this type of situation?

You are in a large warehouse; it appears to be abandoned. There are no windows, and the only light comes from the dim fluorescent bulbs in the ceiling. There are many boxes piled high against the walls.

You are lying on the floor, and it is difficult to move. You try to sit up, but are unable to do so. Instead, you use your hands to push yourself into a kneeling position. After a moment, you are able to catch your breath and stand up on wobbly legs.

You have no memory of how you got here. You try to remember anything about yourself, but nothing comes to mind. You don’t remember your name or anything about yourself.

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You aren’t even sure if the person who brought you here is still here.

You feel weak in the knees and realize you are still hungry. You haven’t eaten anything since you woke up here. You look around for food and see only the empty food carton from yesterday.

It is lying on its side against the wall, next to a trash can. You walk over to the trash can and pick up the carton. You try to remember if it contained anything you might be able to eat, but nothing comes to mind.

There is a note on the floor that was under a table. You pick it up and see writing on it. There are also pictures drawn on it as well.

You try to remember if you wrote it, but nothing comes to mind. You decide to put it in your pocket.

You search the room and look for anything that might help you. You don’t find anything useful.

You see a door on the other side of the room and wonder if you should go through it.

3. Should you go through the door?

You decide you should try to get out of here. You walk over to the door and turn the handle. It’s locked, so you can’t go through it.

You try pulling on the door, but it wont budge. You look around the door for any signs of a hidden keyhole. You look around the floor as well, but don’t see one.

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You’ve had enough of this room, and you decide to search the warehouse. Hopefully, you can find a way out. You walk over to a wall and follow it to the corner.

You turn the corner and repeat this process until you have searched most of the perimeter. You walk back to the door and notice a small box below eye level. It’s about the size of a keyhole. You kneel down to get a better look at it. It has the letters “SW” on it. You wonder what they stand for, and then it comes to you. Your name is David Swigart. You are in room SW. It must be a shortening of warehouse. You feel like an idiot for not realizing it sooner.

You are about to stick your finger into the keyhole when you hear footsteps coming from the other side. You quickly stand up and look around for a hiding spot. You try to open a few random doors, but none of them will open.

You hear the click of a lock and know the person on the other side has unlocked the door. You have no time to hide, so you quickly duck behind the door just as it is opening. You hear a person on the other side say, “I’m opening the door.” You freeze in place.

You feel the door push against your back. Whoever is opening the door is taking their time. They are probably inspecting the room as they open it.

If they only open it a little, you might be able to surprise them. If they open it all the way, they will see you immediately.


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