Can you stain over Thompson Water Seal?

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The above picture shows the original Thompson Water Seal which was made in England. It is a clear plastic bottle with a black label.

There are no markings or anything else on it except the name “Thompson” printed on the bottom.

In the past, there were many different types of water bottles used in the world. The oldest one up to the 1960’s was a glass bottle with a cork stopper.

These bottles were very expensive to make and they did not hold enough water. The next type of water bottles came in the form of light weight plastic bottles with screw on lids. These were more popular until the 1970’s when people started to complain about chemicals from the plastic leaking into their water. They had a point, and so the makers of water bottles changed to a new type of plastic which was supposed to be safe. But people complained that the plastic still tasted of chemicals and it had an unhealthy smell. It wasn’t like as bad as the old one, but it was not what people wanted. In response to this people started buying glass bottles with rubber stoppers and metal caps.

The new bottles solved the problem they tasted like glass and had no nasty smell at all. In the year 2000, a new type of water bottle was invented in England.

It was called the “Thompson” water bottle. It was made of a very strong clear plastic that did not taint the taste of the water at all. The new technology also meant that even if you left the water in the bottle for months the water would still taste fresh. This was because of a special filter which got rid of all bad smells and tastes. The bottle itself was very strong, it could be dropped many times without breaking.

They were sold in packs of four for the bargain price of $1.99 in every grocery store in the western world.

People loved them, and they were the perfect replacement for glass bottles. But then in the year 2012 the world’s water suddenly became contaminated. The cause was unknown, but it caused over six billion people to die. The lucky few who survived were those who had drunk Thompson water just minutes before the catastrophe began.

There was a down side however, Thompson water did not filter out the toxic chemicals in the air. Anyone who had drunk thompson’s water was doomed to an agonizing death.

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The lucky survivors had stored potable water in glass bottles. Thompson water soon went out of business, along with several other bottled water manufacturers.

You are wondering if you should trust this brand of water. It is clear that the water is drinkable, but is it really safe to drink?

Your choice is……

Yes No

You select yes. You get some water from the tap and put it in a glass bottle.

You have also filled up your canteen just incase the water is not any good.

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