Do you glue or nail wainscoting?

What is Wainscaping?

Wainscaping is the act of covering walls with decorative plaster or other materials to improve their appearance. Wainscrapers are generally used for decoration and decorative purposes only. They cannot be considered a means of fire protection because they will not stop a small fire from starting in your home. However, they may provide some insulation value and prevent water damage if left uncovered during rainstorms (see: How To Prevent Water Damage).

How To Install Wainscaping?

If you have already decided to use wainscaping, then it’s time to decide which type of wainscaping you want to get. There are several types of wainscaping available today and each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

Beadboard – This is the most common type of wainscaping. It consists of large pieces of wood nailed together at regular intervals to form a wall surface. These boards are usually made out of hardwood such as oak, pine, or hickory. If you choose to use beadboard, make sure that the material is strong enough so that it won’t break when you try to remove it later.

Beadboard Wainscaping – This type of wainscaping consists of large pieces of colored bead board that are placed in front of windows and doors. These wreaths will keep out insects and moisture while still allowing light into your home. Beadboard is usually made up of different colors so that it blends well with the surrounding wall color.

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