Does dog urine rot wood?

The topic of does dog pee rot wood is very popular among the readership. There are many opinions about it. Some say that there is no need to worry about it because dogs do not like water or they have other ways of getting rid of their waste besides urinating on the decking. Others say that if your decking gets damaged, then you should replace it with new one and don’t worry too much about does dog pee rotting the wood. Still others say that you should always keep a look out for this problem.

Some experts claim that does dog pee rot wood is caused due to several reasons:

Dog’s urine contains chemicals which cause chemical reaction inside the wood causing deterioration of the surface. These chemicals may also affect the structural strength of the decking.

Dogs often defecate near or on decks to avoid unpleasant smell and also so they don’t disturb other animals when they poop.

In some cases, dogs use their paws to scratch at the decking or even bite into it. If they get scratches in the wood, these scratches may turn black and eventually fall off. This could lead to rusting of the decking.

Dogs sometimes lick themselves while standing near or on decks. They might also rub against the edges of boards or touch them with their fur and tails.

If the dog is old and suffers from health problems, its body may become weak and it might not be able to control its bowels properly. Old dogs tend to poo in the same places over and over again. They are also prone to bladder infections and other diseases.

If these conditions exist, then does dog pee rot wood will occur sooner or later. All of these reasons can lead to rot and other damage to the decking.

People often say that wood is a natural material that will rot if it gets wet enough, this is not exactly true. If you have a wooden deck, then you should probably clean off muddy pawprints after it rains. This simple step could prevent unnecessary damage and potential slippery conditions.

Other than causes mentioned above, there are some other factors which might lead to does dog pee rot wood such as the regularity of defecation by your pet, type of wood used for decking, improper cleaning of the decking after pet’s use it and others. It is important to be alert and ready to take care of the situation before it becomes too late.

Some tips on Does dog pee rot wood

It is your responsibility to clean up your pet’s mess as soon as the event happens. There are several methods which could help you in this respect. You can use a stiff bristle brush, bleach or a disinfectant to clean the surface of the deck.

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Make sure you get all the urine out of the wooden planks. If not, then it will continue to rot the wood.

If the does dog pee rot wood is caused due to an old dog with weak bladder control or other medical reasons, then you should seek medical help immediately. You may also try adding more absorbent material like gravel on your current decking. This will help greatly in preventing accidents in future.

These tips could come in very handy if you have a wooden deck. It is always better to be prepared than sorry later on.

Does dog pee rot wood prevention

If your dog has already caused does dog pee rot wood on your deck, then here are some tips you can use:

Use a contrasting color of paint to cover the damaged area. For instance, if the wood has turned black due to urine, then you should repaint it red or a contrasting color. This trick may not repair the damage completely, but it will certainly help in reducing eye soreness.

Warnings: Make sure the area is completely dry before you start applying fresh paint. If not, then the moisture in it will eventually soften the underlying layer and the black color will come through ultimately causing more damage.

Does dog pee rot wood is common among dog owners. Some people say that it is just a myth, but it does exist. It is an unsightly damage which ruins the look of your wooden deck permanently.

It also causes slipping conditions in wet weather. Prevention is always better than cure. If you take a few steps to prevent your pet from using your deck as a restroom, then you will never have to worry about does dog pee rot wood.

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