How do I attach deck joists to a post?

How do I Attach Deck Joists To A Post?

When it comes to decking your home or building a new structure, there are many different ways to go about the task. There are two main types of decking methods; structural and non-structural. Structural decking is used when you want to build a structure with one solid piece of wood.

This wood is generally pressure treated for long life and resistance to insect damage. This type of decking is used for building decks, dock platforms, and other structures that don’t need a complex framework. Whereas non-structural decking is used when you want to lay down wood, but you don’t necessarily need it to act as one solid piece. This type of decking is generally used for walkways, balconies, and other small outdoor structures.

Now that you know the difference, and most likely decided to go with structural decking material, you’re going to need to figure out how to go about attaching your deck joists to your posts.

Let’s start with the posts. You should’ve had your posts poured and had them set in place before you put down your forms for the concrete. If you didn’t, well, now might be a good time to go back a few steps and do it.

You don’t want to be standing on a wobbly deck.

If your posts are metal, you’ll need to dig a hole around them so they can be sunk into the ground. Make sure the hole is at least wider than the post and about as deep. If the post is 4×4, then your hole should be about 12-14″.

If it’s 6×6, then your hole needs to be about 18-20″. It’s a good idea to dig past the level of the post so that you can pile dirt around the post to give it more support. You can also wrap the post in wire mesh to ensure that it won’t get dug up by animals in the future.

After you set your posts in place, you need to check if they’re level. Use a carpenter’s level to make sure the tops of the posts are straight and if need be, adjust them with a sledge hammer. Use straight 2×4’s that are at least as long as the height of your posts to level your posts.

The 2×4’s also need to be treated so they don’t rot as easily.

After your posts are in place, you can start putting up your ledger boards. Your ledger boards are what the rest of your decking materials will be attached to. Your ledgers should be at least as long as your posts and at least 2″x8″.

Make sure they’re at least as high as your posts if not higher. Attach them with lag bolts and washers using a ratchet and socket set.

Let’s move on from the posts and ledger boards, and go onto your beams. Your beams are what the rest of your decking will be attached to. The beams should be treated as well.

how do I attach deck joists to a post -

If you have a larger area that needs to be supported, then you may want to add a second beam directly under the first one. Your beams need to be at least as long as your longest post, but you may want to make them longer than that because you will have some extra room to work with. Make sure the beams are at least as high as your posts, if not higher. Once you’ve got your beams in place, then you can move on to putting down your decking.

You should already have your decking material there, so you can start laying it. Remember that it needs to be perfectly level and all the same height. Otherwise, your deck could start to warp and cause a tripping hazard.

Continue putting down your decking material until it’s all installed. Now you can move on to the railing.

Railing is an important part of any deck. It keeps folks from falling off and landing on their head, or any other part of their body for that matter. Your railing also needs to be high enough that it keeps people from falling or pushing themselves over it, but not so high that it becomes an obstacle in itself.

You’ll need to consider things like this when putting your railing in place.

You can build your own railing using more treated posts and 2x4s for the rails themselves. It’s important that the posts go into the ground so that they’re stable and won’t fall over. You can staple balusters (the vertical pieces) to the posts to create a railing.

Make sure that you leave enough room between balusters so that no one gets their head or hands stuck. If the railing is high enough and you do fall over it, then you probably won’t be getting back up again.

After the main railing is in place, you can add other horizontal pieces of wood to it to act as a cap. This will just improve the look of your deck. You can also stain or paint the wood to match the theme you have in mind.

Finally, you’ll probably want to put down a patio area outside your front door. This part is entirely optional. You can use the same materials that you did for the deck and railing, or you can use different ones to give it a different look, such as brick pavers.

Well, that’s about it for the deck. It may seem like a lot of work, but it isn’t too bad and you can get everything done in a weekend if you start early. You can even enlist some of your friends to help you.

If you do, make sure to get everything agreed upon before you begin so that there are no arguments over who contributed the most when it’s all said and done.

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If you end up doing this, then great! You’ll have a wonderful place to entertain friends and family and get together for games and hanging out.

If not, then there’s always next summer!

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