How do I take apart my Elfa shelf?

How to Take Apart Your Elfa Shelves:

1) Remove the top cover from your Elfa shelving unit. You will need to remove it before you can access the metal frame underneath.

2) Use a flat head screwdriver or similar tool to pry up the bottom edge of the metal frame and then pull upward with your other hand until you separate it from its base.

3) Carefully lift out the metal frame and set aside. If you have any glue residue left behind, don’t worry; just wipe it off with a damp cloth and let dry completely.

4) Now you are ready to disassemble your Elfa shelf into individual parts. First, remove the top cover from each part of your Elfa shelf (the one closest to the door). Then, use a pair of needle nose pliers to gently pry up the metal frame at the top of each part. Once you’ve done so, carefully lift up and set aside.

5) Next, you’ll want to remove the plastic sheeting that covers the back side of your Elfa shelf. To do so, simply peel it away using a small flathead screwdriver or similar tool. Be careful not to scratch or damage anything while doing this!

6) For the final step, you will want to remove the metal grippers that hold your Elfa shelf to the wall. Use a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to gently push the grippers up and over the lip of your Elfa shelf. Once all of your grippers have been removed, you can pull your Elfa shelf away from the wall and out of its base. You’re all set!

How to Install Elfa Shelves:

1) First, clear any clutter from the installation area. It’s important to make sure that there is nothing else in the way or adjacent to where you plan to install your Elfa shelf (such as a table, desk, etc).

2) Next, you’ll want to measure and mark where your Elfa shelf will be going. Be sure to measure the height from the ground or floor as well as the distance between the shelf and wall.

3) Now, you’re ready to start assembling your Elfa shelf. You’ll start with the base, which should come in two separate pieces. First, use a flathead screwdriver or similar tool to remove any tape or protective material from each piece. Then, twist them together by hand until they are securely fastened to one another.

4) Once you have done this, use a level to make sure your base is as straight and level as possible. If it isn’t, simply twist the two base pieces back and forth until they line up correctly.

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5) Continue to assemble each part of your Elfa shelving system in this manner. Be sure to only twist the pieces together by hand; do not force them past the point at which they will click into place.

6) Now you’re ready to mount your Elfa shelf onto your baseboard, wall or other surface. First, use a level to make sure that all of the parts are as straight and aligned as possible. If so, gently press each part into place and twist them together by hand until they are secured in place.

7) If any part is not perfectly aligned or straight, you can gently twist the pieces back and forth until you get them lined up correctly.

8) Now you can start to assemble your Elfa shelf in sections. You will find that the separate parts of your Elfa shelf are clearly labeled on the underside with letters, which correspond to those same letters on the plastic sheeting that covers the back side of your Elfa shelf. Simply match each part with the same letter on the plastic sheeting and you’ll be good to go.

9) Now, you can mount your Elfa shelf to the wall or other surface using the included mounting cleats and screws (included for wood surfaces, optional for brick or concrete walls). To do so, first measure where you want to place your Elfa shelf and mark the wall or other surface accordingly. Next, place the mounting cleat over where you want to mount your Elfa shelf. Use a drill or screwdriver bit to make a hole through the mounting cleat and into the wall.

Be sure that the mounting cleat is as level and straight as possible when you do this. Then, use a screwdriver or power drill to drive a wood screw into the hole you have just made, directly through the mounting cleat and into the wall (or other surface).

10) Now, you’re ready to place your Elfa shelf onto the mounting cleat. Place one side of the Elfa shelf onto the mounting cleat and press it firmly in place. Then, use a screwdriver or power drill to drive a wood screw directly through the mounting cleat and into the side of the Elfa shelf. Do this on each side of the mounting cleat until the Elfa shelf is firmly mounted in place.

That’s it! Your Elfa shelf is now ready to hold all of your stuff.

What makes Elfa so versatile?

Ela is a Scandinavian word meaning “light, mobile and easy to move.” This concept is the core principle behind all Elfa products. The shelves may look complex at first glance with their twists, turns and connections, but they are lightweight enough to be carried around easily and can be installed or moved within minutes without the use of any tools whatsoever.

How can Elfa adapt to my needs?

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Ela allows you to organize any room in your home or office in an ever-changing way. Since no tools are necessary, reorganizing the room can be accomplished easily and quickly. It is easy to create a whole new look just by moving Elfa components around. In fact, you can move them from one room to another or take them with you when you move to a new location.

Is Elfa for me?

Ela is a versatile and unique system of organization that can fit into any home or office and benefit just about anyone. For those with limited mobility or strength, it offers the ability to reach things easily without help from other people. For those who live with children, it helps keep items out of their reach and provides an easy way to make sure they are put back where they belong. For those who live or work in a small space, Elfa offers a way to keep the space organized without it looking cluttered.

How does Elfa help children with special needs?

Ela is an organizational tool that can help children with special needs gain independence and learn important organizational skills. Children with special needs may require the items they use on a daily basis to be within reach at all times, which Elfa allows. Elfa also encourages children to put away their things on their own where they belong, reducing the need for constant supervision and reminders. Elfa’s bright colors and eye-catching design can help children develop a sense of pride in their environment and provide a fun way to keep things organized.

What ages is Elfa appropriate for?

Ela components are lightweight and can be easily moved around by children and adults of all ages. Elfa itself does NOT offer a protective barrier between the user and the item stored on it, so care should be taken with children around all Elfa shelves.

Is there an adult version of Elfa?

While we don’t offer an exact “adult version” of Elfa, many of the same benefits and functions can be found in our standard Elfa line. The main difference is that our standard Elfa components are all made of solid wood instead of plywood.

Do you make Elfa in custom sizes?

While we don’t offer custom-sized Elfa components, you can easily cut our plywood Elfa components to size with a circular saw. The pre-cut holes will need to be re-drilled afterwards.

Can I mount Elfa to the wall?

While Elfa was not designed to be mounted to walls, many users have mounted their Elfa components to walls with great success. We always recommend using anchors or mounting brackets for this type of installation and use your best judgement when installing your Elfa storage units.

I’m ordering Elfa and the room measurements are in metric. What measurements do you use?

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We use feet and inches for our standard Elfa components. Converting metric measurements should not be necessary.

Do you offer discounts or wholesale pricing for educators or home health care providers?

At this time we do not offer any education discounts for the general public. We do offer deep discount programs to home health care agencies with a valid certificate of eligibility (COE). If you are a home health care worker, please contact us for information regarding our program.

What is your return policy?

We are confident that you will love your Elfa components. If for any reason you don’t, we will gladly accept returns on unopened, unused items within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. Return shipping on the product will be at the customer’s expense. Please contact us before returning any items.

Why does my order have shipping delay?

We place orders with our manufacturers on a regular basis to ensure we always have stock, but due to the large volume of orders we process during certain times of the year we may be a few shipments behind. Please note that this in no way affects your order and will not cause a delay in production. All items are manufactured as they are ordered. View Shipping Policy

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