How do you cap off a gas fireplace?

How To Cap Off A Gas Fireplace?

The most common question that I get asked is how to cap off a gas fireplace. There are many different ways to cap off a gas fireplace, but there are two methods which are preferred by most people. You can either use a screwdriver or a flathead screw driver. Both of these methods will work fine for this task.

Method 1: Screwdriver Method

To cap off a gas fireplace using a screwdriver method, first remove the flue gasket from the chimney. Then take out your screw driver and unscrew the three screws located at the top of the chimney. Once all four screws have been removed, you will see one large metal piece attached to each side of the chimney. These pieces will need to be taken out of their respective holes so they don’t interfere with the removal of the flue gasket.

Once all four pieces have been removed, it’s time to start removing the flue gasket. First, you’ll want to make sure that you’re not going to drop any parts while trying to pry up on the gasket. Once you have a good grip on the gasket, pull the gasket up with steady force. Once the gasket is lifted up, you can now begin prying the gasket out.

As you lift up on the gasket you will notice that it’s attached to some piping at the bottom of the chimney. You do not need to remove the piping, only the gasket. Next, take your flathead screwdriver, and place it under one side of the gasket. While applying pressure to keep the gasket stable, pry up on the gasket with your screw driver.

Continue doing this until you have completely removed the gasket from around the inside of the chimney.

Once you have completely removed the flue gasket and all four side pieces, you can slide out the expanded metal piece from the middle of the chimney. With this task complete, you can now cover the opening of the chimney.

With the pieces removed from the inside of the chimney and no longer in the way, you can now place your cover over the opening of the chimney. You will need to apply some pressure so that it makes contact with the sides of the chimney. Once in place, use small bolts to keep the flue cover in place.

At this point, your gas fireplace is capped off.

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Lil’ Bit of Advice: If you wish to keep your fireplace looking clean and professional, you might want to consider buying a spark screen for the inside of the chimney. These small devices will prevent any flying embers from exiting the chimney. This extra precaution will keep your home safe from catching on fire.

Method 2: Plumbers Putty or Caulk

This method is probably the easiest way to seal a gas fireplace.

Method 2: Flathead Screwdriver

You can also use a flathead screw driver to cap off your gas line. This method is very similar to the first method in which you will need to pry up on the gasket. With this method, you do not need to remove the flue gasket. The only thing that needs to be removed is the bolts keeping the flue cover in place.

This method works great for quick and easy capping, but you do run the risk of exposing yourself to carbon monoxide in the future. You’ll also end up with a big mess that you’ll have to clean up once you uncap the chimney in the future.

If you choose this method, it’s recommended that you place some sort of sealant on top of the flue cover once you’ve reinstalled it. This will prevent any gases from coming into your home until you’re ready to uncap the chimney.

The sealant I’m referring to is the same sealant plumbers use to seal water lines before they place them inside a concrete wall. The material is easy enough to find in any hardware store and will only cost a few bucks. Once you’ve sealed the flue cover, just make sure to clean up the mess before your wife sees it.

Once the sealant has dried, reinstall the flue cover and you’re good to go.

Uncapping Your Chimney

You now have two options on how you’re going to uncap your chimney. You can either have a professional come in and do the job for you, or do it yourself.

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