How do you divert a downspout?

How to Divert a Downspout?

Diversion of a downspout is the act of draining or removing the flow from a gutter so that it does not run into another street or road. There are many ways to divert a downspout.

Some methods involve simply cutting off the source of water and letting it seep out naturally; others require special equipment such as pumps, valves, pipes and other devices.

The first thing to consider when deciding which method to use is whether the gutter will continue running normally or if it will stop flowing altogether. If your downspout stops working properly, then you have no choice but to dig a hole and drain the water yourself.

You may need to hire someone else’s help in doing this.

Another consideration is whether you want to divert the water away from your house or property. If you have a large yard with several trees and bushes growing along side, then digging up the ground could cause damage to these plants.

If you don’t mind having some of the water running through your garden, then it might be best just to let it run into one of those gutter drains instead.

If you want to keep your downspout working, then you need to make sure that there is enough pressure inside the pipe to force the water out. You can accomplish this by using a pump, valve or some other device.

Another option is to extend the length of the gutter and install a hose that leads directly into your home’s plumbing system. This way, all you have to do is turn on the tap and let it run until it runs dry.

Some of these methods work better in one situation than another, so choose wisely depending on your needs.

Valve Method

One of the easiest ways to divert your downspouts water is by installing a backflow preventer, also known as a check valve. This type of valve can be purchased at any home improvement store and installs in the pipe where the downspout connects.

It prevents the water from draining back into the gutter, but still allows normal water flow.

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Eventually, you’ll probably want to stop diverting the water. If you used a pump or valve to divert the water, then all you need to do is close off the device and let the water flow out naturally.

If you used a hose, then you’ll have to let it drain and dry out before removing it from the gutter.

Pipe Extension

This method is a little more work and involves running a pipe from the downspout to another location. This location can be inside your house, such as into your basement or garage.

You can also route the pipe outside onto the ground or into a nearby ditch. Either way, the pipe needs to end up at a spot that can readily accept water and has a drain below it.

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