How do you draw an archway?

Drawing Archways: How To Draw An Archway?

How To Draw A Gothic Archway

The most common type of arch are those made from stone or brick. These archways have a distinct look and feel to them. They’re not very easy to draw, but they’re certainly possible! There’s no wrong way to do it though; you just need some practice before you get good at it.

Architecture students will probably recognize these types of archways as well. They’re called Gothic arches because they were originally designed by famous architect Edward I. The style was popular during the 15th century, but fell out of favor after the Protestant Reformation. Since then, it hasn’t been seen much since its heyday in the 1500s.

However, there are still plenty of examples around today, so it’s definitely worth looking into if you want to create one yourself!

Gothic arches are usually built with straight lines, but sometimes curved ones too. For example, here’s a Gothic archway in a church in Germany:

You’ll notice that the curve goes all the way around the outside of the building. That’s because it was originally intended to go inside. You could use this same technique to build any kind of arch you like!

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