How do you fasten AZEK Trim?

How To Install Azek Trim Around Windows?

Azek trim is used to cover windows. It comes in various sizes and colors. You may have seen it installed on cars or houses. It’s not difficult to install, but there are some things you need to know before doing so.

The first thing you need to know is that it doesn’t look good if you don’t have a proper method of installation. You need to have the right tools and materials in order for it to look really good.

Start by choosing the correct type of trim for your window. Most people make the mistake of just nailing it to the window frame. This doesn’t look good and eventually the nails will be exposed because the trim shrinks more than the window frame does due to changes in the weather. There are three different types:

Self-Adhesive Vinyl Trim

This type of trim is made from vinyl and is self-adhesive. The great thing about this type is that it can be installed directly on top of the window frame. No need to nail or screw it into place, just make sure it is centered.

The best way to attach it is with short screws. These will also help secure the trim so it doesn’t start sagging after a few years. The trim is white and the screws will not show when installed.

Snap-In Vinyl Trim

Snap-in vinyl trim is a good choice for interior windows. It can be installed directly on the window frame without any problems. The top of the window frame needs to be exactly as wide as the trim or it won’t look right.

Nailing it into place with finishing nails is a good way to secure it. If done properly, you won’t be able to see the nails from the front of the window.

Snap-On Vinyl Trim

Snap-on trim is made from vinyl and is designed to cover the sides and top of the window frame from the outside. This type needs to be installed a little differently.

Start by measuring the window and transfer those measurements to the trim. Add about 1/2 inch to each side and 3/4 inch to the top and bottom. This will give you plenty of space to nail it into place and will make it look a lot better.

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Next, using a stud finder, locate the center stud on each side of the window. The center studs will be exactly as wide as the trim. Using a speed square, draw a line on the trim and window frame along the stud. This is where you will be nailing it into place.

Nail it into place using a nail gun and finishing nails. The trim should fit very tightly when you are done.

Peel the backing off the adhesive strip on the backside of the trim. Starting at the bottom, begin to press it into place. Work your way up, pressing firmly all the way.

When you reach the top, cut off any excess from the front using a utility knife. At this point you need to lightly sand the edges so they are smooth and not sharp.

Finishing Nails

The final type is finishing nails. This type requires some pre-planning before installation. You need to first mark where you are going to be nailing it into place.

On the inside of the window frame, measure down 1/2 inch from the top and make a mark at each stud location. The bottom of the trim should be exactly at the bottom of the window frame.

Using a speed square again, draw a line across all of the stud locations and the bottom of the window frame. This is where you will be nailing the trim into place.

Fit the trim on the window frame and make any necessary adjustments before you start nailing it into place. This type of trim can be nail or screw installed. Nails are easier to work with, screws give you more adjustments.

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Using a good nail gun, begin to nail it into place using 2 1/2 inch finishing nails. You may need to hit each nail two or three times before it goes all the way in.

When you get to the corners, you need to use a carpenter’s square to make sure it is at a perfect right angle. Check both the front and back.

Snap-on vinyl trim can be picked up at most home improvement stores like Home Depot, Lowes and Menards.

They also sell a vinyl adhesive for installing it. This is a good choice since it makes the installation easier.

When you are ready to apply it, be sure to clean the window frame really well first. Clean it with a solution of water and mild soap. Do not use anything with ammonia since it will distort the vinyl when you apply the adhesive.

Snap-on vinyl trim can be found at most home improvement stores.

You can find roll off dumpsters at many locations in the area. Check with your local waste management for locations in your area.

The other way is to hire a junk removal service. These businesses will pick up your items and take them away. Most will even sell the items for you for a small fee. Here are some service providers in your area:

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22. What is up with the dollar store? It seems to be really cheap.

It probably is really cheap and selling below cost. This is common for dollar stores. A business can do this since they don’t have the high cost of labor or expensive retail space. They also make up for the loss with the higher-margin items they sell.

Still, you need to be careful when shopping at a dollar store. You need to compare the price with a bigger retailer. Often times, you can get a better deal at a bigger chain store than a dollar store. The key is to watch for sales and compare the final price.

Check out your local big box stores and drug stores. Ask if they have any sales or coupons in the Sunday paper. If they do, then you can get an even better deal.

23. What are some ways to lower my energy bill?

There are some easy things you can do to save money on your energy bill. First, make sure your home is insulated properly and that you have weather stripping around your doors and windows to keep out the cold. During the winter, only heat the rooms that you use and keep the heat at a reasonable temperature.

Lowering your thermostat by just one degree can save 4% on your heating bill. Also, keep your heating vents free of dust and debris so the air can circulate better.

During the summer months, keep your home well ventilated by having fans in several rooms to push the cool air around. Only use the AC in the rooms that are being used and keep it at a reasonable temperature.

Keeping your home appliances updated can save you money as well. Refrigerators, water heaters, dishwashers and clothes dryers all use less energy than their older counterparts.

If you are looking to buy a new appliance, consider the Energy Star models. They are made by most major manufacturers and have been proven to use at least 15% less energy than the current federal standards.

24. What are some things I can do to help the environment?

Always recycle your trash. Most areas have a blue bin or pickup where you can recycle most of your household waste. When shopping for products, look for the recycling symbol that indicates the product can be recycled.

Some areas are now charging for each bag of trash you take to the dump. Try to reduce your trash by using reusable bags when you shop or at the grocery store.

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You can also reduce your trash by not using disposable products such as paper towels and toilet paper. Instead, use washable towels and rags that can be used over and over again. You can even save money by making your own paper products from old newspapers, magazines or catalogs.

If you have a yard and like keeping it looking nice, consider planting trees to help clean the air. If you have children, consider having a garden where they can learn about the food chain and grow their own vegetables.

If you like to travel, consider taking a trip by train or another form of mass transportation. This is not only good for the environment, but it can be a great way to see the country.

25. What are ways to keep in contact with my family and friends?

There are several ways to stay in contact with friends and family without breaking the bank.

Make it a point to call or visit people that live within driving distance. Even if it is just a day trip, you can still take in a movie and dinner for less than five dollars.

If you have family or friends that live far away, you can still visit by sending them an email or writing a letter.

Another option is to keep in contact via webcam. Most computers that are sold now come with webcams built-in or you can buy one relatively cheap. You can then either visit your online friends through a webcam website or you can use Skype.

As for sending letters and postcards, most post offices now sell “airport letters” for one dollar. These letters can only be sent to other postal customers but they make for a great way to stay in contact without spending a lot of money.

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Not everyone is a straight “A” student and not every job requires a college degree. However, if you are looking to better yourself or get a leg up on your competition, here are classes you may want to take.

The basics: These classes are the foundation for just about any other class you will ever take. They can also give you a good broad understanding of the world and how it works.

Math – Learning basic math and how to solve problems will help you in almost any other class. You will also use math in real life, no matter what career you choose.

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History – Knowing what has happened before in the past will help you better understand the world we live in today. You may not think it is important, but knowing about past wars, scientific discoveries and political movements can help you in your day-to-day life.

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27. What is the difference between a diploma and a GED?

Both are paths to a high school equivalent education.

Picking up your diploma means that you graduated from high school, you participated in all the extracurricular activities and achieved good grades.

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