How do you fix an irrigation aluminum pipe?

How to Fix An Aluminum Ilua Pipe Fittings?

The aluminum irrigation pipe fittings are very common and they have been used since ancient times. They were originally made from copper or bronze but nowadays, most of them are manufactured from high quality stainless steel. The problem with these pipes is that the joints between the pieces tend to crack over time due to corrosion. If the joint becomes corroded, it will no longer function properly.

When the joint gets cracked, water may leak out into your garden.

When repairing an old irrigation aluminum pipe, there are several things you need to consider:

You should first check if the pipe is leaking before fixing it. To check whether or not the pipe leaks, simply take a look at its bottom side and see if any water comes out when you push down on it. If so, then the pipe needs to be replaced.

If the pipe does not leak, then you must replace it because corroded joints cannot be repaired. You can buy replacement parts for the pipe press from various suppliers such as:

Aluminum Irrigation Pipe Replacement Parts List

1) Replacement for Broken Joints – These parts are usually available only from a company called “Henry”. Henry is one of the best suppliers of replacement parts for irrigation aluminum pipe fittings.

2) Fittings for Elbows – The elbows of a standard aluminum irrigation pipe are size #3, meaning they have an inner diameter (ID) of 1.25″ and an outer diameter (OD) of 1.65″. There are several types of elbows, such as the regular elbow, short radius elbow, long radius elbow, and sweep elbow.

3) Fittings for Tees – The standard ID of a tee part is 1.25″. The hub OD is 1.65″.

There are several types of tees available including the regular tee, long radius tee, appliance tee, and return bend.

4) Fittings for Couplings – The ID of a coupling is 1″ and the OD is 1.65″. There are several standard couplings including the regular coupling, long radius coupling, sweep coupling, and locking coupling.

5) Fittings for End Caps – These parts are usually available only from companies that specialize in irrigation supplies such as:

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Irritec, Inc. – This company manufactures end caps of various types including the regular end cap, locking end cap, radius end cap, and long radius end cap.

These are just some of the most common types of fittings for an irrigation aluminum pipe. There are many others that can be found at various irrigation supply companies.

If you are new to the irrigation business, then it might be best to buy a full set of replacement parts rather than the individual ones. Since it can be rather expensive to buy complete sets of replacement fittings for an irrigation pipe, it might be a good idea to find someone who is already in the business and buy them from them at a lower price.

The following tools are needed for repairing an aluminum irrigation pipe:

1) Wrench – This tool is used to unscrew the different parts of the pipe. You will need different types of wrenches for different types of connections:

a) Regular wrench – Used to turn standard pipe fittings.

b) Stubby wrench – This wrench is slightly shorter than a regular wrench and it is used for working in tight areas.

c) Deep well socket wrench – These wrenches are used on deep well sockets. The standard ones do not go low enough to make a good connection.

d) Long reach wrench – This wrench is longer than a normal wrench and it is used for reaching faraway connections.

2) Pipe Cutter – This tool is used to cut the pipe to the desired length. There are several types of pipe cutters, such as the power pipe cutter and the hand operated pipe cutter.

Pipe repair is a difficult task and it is not one that should be attempted by someone who does not have experience in this field. If you or someone you know needs assistance with repairing an irrigation pipe, then you can contact a company such as Henry Company for help.

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