How do you hook up a Lux thermostat?

The problem with the original Lux thermostats was that they were not easy to use. They required some technical skills and even then it wasn’t very intuitive. You had to learn how to program them manually or you had to call someone else who could do it for you (and charge a fee). The new Lux thermostats are much easier than their predecessors, but still require some skill if you want them to work properly.

Lux thermostat is a smart thermostat which uses the internet to control your heating and cooling system. They have been available since 2013, but only recently have they become popular enough to warrant a whole website devoted to them. With the introduction of the new Lux thermostats comes a number of changes in how you connect them. So let’s take a look at what’s changed between the old and new versions of these devices.

How Do You Hook Up A Lux Thermostat?

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the thermostat itself is turned on. If it isn’t, you’ll have to turn it on yourself. Then you’ll have to get the cable going into your home’s electrical outlet. Most outlets will plug directly into one another so there shouldn’t be any problems with that part of things.

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1) How Do I Hook Up My Lux?

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3) Which Model Should I Get?

? ? ? ? 4) Where Can I Buy One? After you’ve plugged the outlet into the wall, you’ll need to hook up another item known as a “cable splitter”. This splitter should split one cable in two so that you can hook both the thermostat and the outlet to the same place. It sounds confusing but if you look at the photo you should be able to get an idea of what you have to do.

After that, you can hook up the rest of your system.

5) Help! My Lux Isn’t Working!

There are many things you need to know about lux smart thermostat. The installation process is not too difficult, but it’s also not as easy as some other models on the market. Before buying your Lux, make sure that you have a C-wire running into the room where the thermostat is going to be installed. If you don’t have a C-wire, then you can’t use a Lux.

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The C-wire, also known as the common wire, provides power to the thermostat. If you don’t have a C-wire, then you can’t use a thermostat at all. Most homes built after 2010 will most likely have a C-wire running to every room, but some homes built between 1970 and 1980 won’t have this running to every room. If you do not have one, then you can easily hire an electrician to come and hook up the wiring for you.

This is a very simple process that shouldn’t take the technician more than a couple hours to complete.

Installing the Lux Smart Thermostat

Turn the breaker off that powers your heating and air system. Take off the thermostat’s plate on the wall. Place your new Lux in the wall plate, with the four screws that came with it. If you’re not sure as to whether or not you have a C-wire running to your desired location, then you can always hire an electrician to come and check for you.

They shouldn’t charge too much to do this small job.

If after checking you still don’t have a C-wire running to your desired location, then you’ll have to go without a Lux thermostat. Put the plate back on. Turn the breaker on and wait a couple minutes. Open your thermostat’s screen by touching the screen.

Do not press any buttons or do anything other than touch the screen. If the screen doesn’t open, then you’ll have to do a hard reset. Hold the “Menu” button and tap “Reset” with another finger. The process is simple and easy to do for yourself, or you can pay an HVAC company to do it for you.

1) Turn off the power.

2) Shut the breakers that power your heating and air conditioning system

3) Locate the wires that run to your current thermostat. These are typically white wires. The two white wires should be bundled with a bare copper wire, which is typically connected to a screw in the wall. If the screen didn’t open and you reset it, then you’ll have to wait a couple minutes and try again.

If it still doesn’t work, then you’ll have to call customer service.

If the screen did open, then you’ll need to take a picture of both your breaker box and your thermostat’s screen. Make sure that they’re clearly visible. Some thermostats only have two wires attached, but in this case, you’ll need to find two wires that run to a different location in the room. Follow these wires to find a location where there are two screws.

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4) Disconnect the wires from the current thermostat by unscrewing the screws holding them in place. Disconnect all wires connected to your old thermostat.

5) Locate the C-wire located in the HVAC unit. It should be a white wire, bundled with a copper wire, which should be attached to a screw. If the C-wire is not located at this location, then you can either hire an HVAC technician to find it for you, or you can just go without a C-wire and use only the wires that come with your new Lux. If you choose the second option, then make sure to turn on your system before changing the battery in your Lux.

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