How do you install a double action door hinge?

How to Install Double Action Door Hinges

The most common type of door hinges are those which have two parts. These types of hinges are called double actuated or double action.

Double actuation hinges are usually used when there is a need to open and close the door several times without having to use the key. Double actuation hinges are also known as self-closing hinges.

Double actuation hinges are designed so that the latch mechanism will automatically close the door when it senses that the door is opened. When the door is open, the latch mechanism will remain open.

In order for the door to be closed, it has to be pushed by hand after that the door can be opened again. Even if you forget to close the door, the hinges will still close it for you.

These hinges are often found in most modern buildings such as in hotels, hospitals, and schools. These hinges are also found in some high-end residential buildings.

These hinges are often very useful for public places or locations where there is a high traffic of people.

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