How do you install a wedi shower?


1) Check if your shower head is working properly. If it doesn’t work properly then you need to replace it immediately.

Wifi shower systems are not meant to last forever so you might want to get one that works right now or at least works well enough for your needs.

2) You will need some type of water hose. A standard shower head uses a 1/4 inch female fitting which fits into a 1/8 inch male fitting.

So you would have to buy two parts (head and hose). But you could use a shower cap which is made from plastic and has a hole in the top for the hose to fit through. Just make sure that the cap does not leak when full with water!

3) You will need a wedi shower system. There are many types available but the most common ones are called wedi kits.

They come in different sizes and cost between $100-$300 depending on what size you require. Most of them include everything you need except the fittings which usually cost extra. Some of these kits even come with a warranty so if they don’t work out for whatever reason, you can always return it for a refund or replacement part.

3) You will need a shower curtain. There are many different types available but generally they come in various colors such as white, black, red, blue and green.

They all look pretty much the same so you don’t really need any particular color. Some brands even sell shower curtains in multiple sizes too! However, the most common ones are usually 1 foot long and cost around $5-$10 each.

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4) You are going to need a few tools which may or may not be included with your wedi kit. A shower tray spreader and a drill will both be necessary for proper installation.

If you want to use tile instead of the wedi board then you will need tile nippers, tile spacers, and a mastic trowel. You can usually find these at your local hardware store for fairly cheap.

4) You will need a few wedi tiles. These are usually made from hard durable plastic and come in many different shapes and sizes.

The most common ones are square, rectangular, and hexagonal. The size also varies greatly from 1 inch by 1 inch to 2 feet by 3 feet! Most people think that more is better but this isn’t always the case. If you want a cheap shower then get the smallest one that you can find or even buy them individually.

5) You can find out how to install your wedi shower system by visiting their website.

6) Always dispose of used wedi parts by placing them in the trash can. Do not place wedi parts in your sink or toilet as it will clog the pipes!

7) Have fun with your new shower.

8) You can find more information about wedi shower systems at wedishowers. Just make sure to clean it on a regular basis to prevent a moldy smell!

9) Did you know that wedi shower parts are also good for building other things? You can use extra tiles to cover an unsightly hole in your wall or use the plastic pieces as bumper pads for a baby’s crib!

10) You can also use wedi shower parts to help keep you warm during the winter. Just layer the parts on your feet or in your coat to help you stay warmer during the coldest months!

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