How do you install flashing at the bottom of siding?

In this article we will share with you some basic information about flashing at the bottom of vinyl siding. You might have heard about it before, but if not, then here are some basics:

What is Z flashing? What does it mean? How do I install it? When should I use it? Where can I get it? Do I need to buy new siding or something else instead?

Z flashing (also called “zipper” flashing) is a type of vinyl siding that has been made so that when the siding is installed, it can be easily opened up and closed. This allows for easy access to the interior of your home. Some people like this feature because they want to see inside their homes; others like it because they don’t mind having tools in plain view while working on their projects.

There are many different types of zippers, and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Some people may prefer the look of zippers over other kinds of flashing because they make it easier to work on projects without getting dust all over themselves. Others feel that zips tend to be less durable than other types of flashing because they don’t last as long. Still others think that zipper’s tend to be too noisy since there is no sound barrier between them and outside world.

The advantages of installing z flashing include:

You can work quickly without worrying about damaging the siding.

It’s easier to open and close your house than other types of siding. If you’re looking for a way to keep out rats or mice, zipper flashing may be just what you need! (And if you really hate them, there are many products available that make squeaking noises when touched.

No rats or mice like those!)

The disadvantages of installing z flashing include:

Not quite as durable as other types of flashing. If you’re having trouble finding the best way to deal with squirrels in your yard, you may want to think about using another type of flashing.

Zippers don’t provide as much protection from wind and rain as other options do. You should factor this into your decision.

Installing a new flashing system can be a little expensive and requires some effort. If you want to hire someone to do it for you, it might cost a little more than other options.

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After doing some research, you’ve decided that zippers are the flashing system you want to use. You’re beginning to wonder how hard it will be to get this type of siding installed by a professional. You live in a city, but lots of people come here to work everyday.

There must be siding professionals everywhere!

You decide to call around and get some estimates. The first company you call wants $2,000 to put in the flashing system and siding. The second one asks if you want gravel under the siding as well; that will be an extra $1,200.

The third company won’t even give you an estimate over the phone. They say you need to come into their office to fill out some paperwork and talk to someone about your project.

Where do you go?


You decide that $2,000 is way too much for the flashing and siding job. You remember seeing vinyl siding at your local home improvement store that only cost $200. That’s much more in your price range.

Since you’re already there, you pick up some mortar and sand so you can finish the brick patio yourself this weekend!

You head to the home improvement store where you find everything easily. A store associate asks if you need help finding anything and you politely say no thanks.

You go to the counter to pay for your items and the cashier tells you your total is $250. You give her your credit card and she runs it through. It’s approved!

You proceed to load your car with all your purchases and head home.

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After unloading everything, you open the box with the flashing and siding so you can look at the color options. You forgot to ask the sales associate at the store and now you wonder if you got the right thing.

There are two colors to choose from: tan and beige. Since you don’t know what color your house is, you’ll have to pick a color based on something else.

Which do you pick?

~ You go with the tan siding since it’s more natural looking. You like nature.

~ You go with the beige siding since that sounds fancy. You’re a fancy lady!

A few weeks pass and the flashing and siding has been installed by professionals. The job looks great but you have to say goodbye to your old garden because it just doesn’t look right with the new siding.

You get used to the new look after a while but you still miss your garden lavishly filled with flowers of all different colors.

That is, until you decide to plant something similar in a pot on your patio. Soon your patio is filled with different types of flowers that you grew from seeds!

You watch them grow everyday and when friends and family come over they all remark how great they smell. Sometimes they even pick a few to take home.

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You take pride in your beautiful flowers and are glad you decided to go through with the project.

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