How do you make a beam sawhorse?

What is a Beam Sawn Saw Horse?

A beam sawn saw horse (also called beam sawn planks) is a type of woodworking tool used primarily to join two pieces of lumber together. A beam sawn saw horse consists of two or more boards joined with a piece of hardwood such as oak, maple, cherry, walnut etc., which are then glued into place using glue like glue sticks or epoxy putty.

When the boards are joined they form a solid surface that is stronger than it would be if they were not joined at all. The beams are usually made from one piece of wood, but sometimes two or three pieces of different woods may be used.

The saw horses are often used for making furniture, cabinets, doors and other types of items. They can also be used to join wood parts together when there isn’t enough room to use screws or nails.

How Do You Make a Beam Sawn Saw Horse?

There are many ways to make a beam sawn saw horse. One way is to use a router table and drill holes through the board.

Another method is to use a circular saw and cut out the desired shape. The third method uses a band saw blade and cuts out the desired shape without having to waste time drilling holes. Other ways to make a beam sawn saw horse include using a handsaw and chisel, or even using a hammer and nails.

How much time do you have? If you have only a few hours, hammer and nails is probably your best bet. Use 2x4s for the boards.

Nail them together and you’re done! It’s not fancy, but if it’s good enough for grandpa…

If you have an entire day, start by cutting the 2x4s to size. A circular saw is fastest for this.

Then, use a router and a rounding-over bit to soften the edges and give it that classic beam sawn look. Sand the wood and apply a few coats of Classic Gray paint (leftover from your last kitchen remodel). After it dries, put it in place and admire your handiwork! You’ll be the most popular person on your block when you show all your neighbors your new beam sawn saw horses!

What Else Should I Know About Sawn-Off Saws Horses?

Use a hand saw and chisel if you only have a few minutes. A handsaw will work just as well (and it’s quieter than the power tools).

Cut out the basic shape with the handsaw. Then, take out the chisel and hammer and carefully remove any leftover wood. A few taps with the hammer are all you need to carve out the shape of the beam sawn saw horses.

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If you have no tools at all, go find an old discarded broom handle or mop handle. The rounded end of the handle can be tapped into shape with a hammer.

This is more of a project than a “build” per se, but it is an option if you have absolutely nothing.

When choosing your wood, keep in mind that the thicker the wood, the stronger (and heavier) your beam sawn saw horses will be. If you use a single 2×4, it will be about as wide and heavy as a real sawn plank.

This is ideal for smaller projects or for smaller people. Using multiple 2x4s will make your beam sawn saw horses wider and lighter. You can build beam sawn saw horses up to a maximum of 3 boards thick, but they will start to become very top-heavy if you go any thicker than that.

There are some specialty woodworking stores out there that sell “hand cut” boards. These have more visual appeal than regular boards, but be prepared to pay more than twice the price.

You can also search for old reclaimed wood. This can sometimes be free, but it may require a little maintenance work such as replacing rotting boards or sanding the wood smooth.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this helpful and please ask questions if anything is unclear!

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