How do you make a simple porch step?

How to Build Free Standing Outdoor Steps?

The idea of making a porch step is very common among people. People like to have their own space and they want to enjoy the outdoors. A porch step is not only useful but it is also fun too! You can make your own porch steps with nothing but some wood and nails.

If you are interested in building a new porch step then read on.

What Is Required To Make An Outdoor Step?

To make an outdoor step you need some wood and nails. Wood is used to build the steps. Nails are used to attach them together. The first thing you will need is a piece of wood which is at least 1 foot long and 2 inches wide.

Some people use plywood or even concrete blocks for their steps because they are stronger than other materials such as wood.

You can buy the wood from any hardware store. They usually sell it in bundles. For example, if you buy a bundle of 4 feet of 3/4 inch pine board, you would get four pieces of 3/4 inch pine board each measuring 12 inches long x 6 inches wide x 2 inches thick. These boards are called “plywood”.

Plywood is available in various thicknesses ranging from ¼ inch to ½ inch (1 cm to 15 cm). For this project, we will need the 3/4 inch thick plywood. The advantage of the 3/4 inch plywood is that it is very durable and strong and will not break into pieces when someone steps on it accidentally.

Most hardware stores also sell other types of wood such as oak or pine. Whatever type of wood you choose to use, make sure that it is nice and straight so that your steps are sturdy.

You might also want to buy some wood glue and white or wood colored paint. This will make your steps look nicer and will keep them from rotting as quickly when they are exposed to the elements.

The next thing you will need is a few pieces of wood that are long enough to span the width of the step. These will be called stringers. Make sure that the stringers you buy are long enough to span the width of your step. For example, if your step is 12 inches wide then your stringer should be at least 12 inches long.

The last thing you will need is something to attach the stringers to the steps. This is called molding. It can be found at most hardware stores and comes in various styles and sizes.

First you will need to decide how wide you want your steps to be. Most stairs have risers that are 4-5 inches high and treads that are 10-12 inches wide. You can use these as a reference when deciding the size of your steps.

Step 1

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Decide how many steps you want and where you want them to go. Every set of stairs needs a landing at the bottom and the top (or just at the top, sometimes). The higher you make your stairs, the more landings you will need. You might want to make a drawing before starting this project.

Remember to leave enough room at the back of the landing to construct the stairs to the next level. If you make your steps too small, people will not be able to get past each other when they meet on the stairs.

Step 2

Using your measurements and drawing, start constructing your first step. The easiest way to do this is to place your stringer (the long pieces of wood) at either end of your first step. The top edge of the stringer should be even with the top of the step. Nail the stringer in place to hold it in position.

Now nail a 2 x 4 piece of wood at each side of the stringer.

Keeping your stringers at the same height, attach the bottom riser of the next step using the same method as before. Place the next stringer on top of this and nail it into place. Repeat this until you have all your stringers and risers in place.

Step 3

The wooden steps are complete!

Next we will add the stringers for the metal stairs. Cut two lengths of stringers to span the width of one step. These should be just a little longer than the width of the step (so they overhang a little on each side). Nail these in place (at the top and bottom).

Now cut a length of stringer that is long enough to go across all the risers. For example, if your steps are 12 inches high then your stringer should also be 12 inches. Nail this onto the top of the last stringer on one side and then across the front riser and down the other side stringer until it reaches the bottom.

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