How do you make cupola?

How to Make Cupola?

The following are some of the most common questions related to making a cupola: How much does it cost? What materials do I need? Is it easy or difficult to build one? These are all good questions, but there isn’t any simple answer. There are many factors involved in building a cupola.

So, let’s start with the basics first and then go into details later.


Cupolas are not cheap. However, they aren’t expensive either.

A basic cupola will set you back around $20,000-$30,000 depending on your budget and what kind of materials you use. You may want to consider using a contractor to build one if possible since it will save money in the long run. If you don’t have any other sources of income and can afford such a project, then go ahead! But if you’re just starting out, then you’ll probably be better off getting a loan from a bank or even borrowing against your home.


You won’t need fancy materials to build a cupola. You’ll only need sturdy wood, steel pipe and concrete blocks.

Steel pipes are available at hardware stores and can be found in various lengths. They come in different sizes too so choose the right size for your needs (and budget).


You’ll need at least two things to make a cupola: lumber and concrete. You could use steel sheeting instead of concrete, but you’d lose the glass paneled sides.

Also, you would have to buy cement and sand from home depot (or equivalent) which will add up quickly. You can get away without buying these items, but it won’t be as sturdy as having them shipped in from overseas.

Sloping Roof

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The first thing you’ll need to do is measure the slope of your roof. Then, based on these measurements, cut your steel pipes.

You may need several of these if you want the roof to be steeper or if you have a bigger house. After that, lay them all down on the ground in their proper positions and start nailing/screwing them together. This will be the skeleton of your cupola. Oh, and be sure to wear clothing you don’t mind getting ruined- concrete gets everywhere.


You’ll need a sturdy level, a drill, a saw of some sort (a handsaw will work just fine), paintbrushes, and a container (bucket, tub, or anything that can hold water). You don’t need anything too fancy for tools.


Now that you have your skeleton, it’s time to add the framing. Cut your 2×4’s (or 2×6’s if you’re going to use a lot of boards) and nail them onto the skeleton.

It’s important that the framing is strong, so always use a lot of nails. Also, make sure everything is level and straight (use a level). When you are done with the framing, it should look something like this.


Mix the concrete in a tub or bucket. Get some water flowing into it so that it starts to take the consistency of pancake batter.

You need it to be pourable but not too watery; you don’t want it to fall straight through the pipes. While premixing the concrete, make sure you have everything else you need nearby: your pipes, hinges, and rebar (if using).

When you’re ready to pour, first make sure the area around where you’re working is perfectly level. Use a 2×4 and tap it gently but firmly with a hammer in key places around the circumference to equalize any bumps or lumps.

It’s a good idea to use wooden boards as a base to work on, as it will protect your pipes from falling over and breaking.

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Now, you can start putting the rebar in. Use the 2×4 to level it, then use the drill to screw it in at an angle.

Make sure the bottom of the U is going into the pipe. This will anchor it in place and stop it from turning in the concrete. Keep going until you’ve used up all of your rebar or if you’re using fiberglass instead you’re done with this step.

Now it’s time to add the hinges. Find the center of your door and use the drill to make a hole.

If you want it to stay open, put in two hinges, one on each side (this is good if you want it to fold back completely without falling off). If you want it to stay shut, put in one hinge on the inside. This is important so your house doesn’t look like a target for the next airship to fly by.

Next you want to cut the door to size and attach it to the hinges. You don’t need to weld the door in place as it will just be too heavy, instead just screw it into place from the outside.

Be careful not to crack the concrete with the high-power screwdriver! When its finished, your cupola should look like this.

Now you just have to do some detailing. This is going to take a steady hand but not much effort.

Using the small trowel, scoop up some wet concrete and carefully apply it around the pipes in a decorative fashion. You want to fill in any and all gaps between the frame and the concrete, this will secure everything together. Be sure not to cover your pipes, though- you’ll need those. Make sure everything is level and that there are no other gaps. You can also apply some more concrete to the outside of the frame to create a lip or barrier (as seen in the last picture). When you’re finished, it should look something like this.

You’re done! You just need to let your house dry out and it will be good as new.

Try to leave it for at least a day before moving in. Congratulations on building your own home!

Tips and Tricks

– When you’re using rebar, make sure you’re using quite a bit because it needs to be sturdy. Also, make sure to reinforce any places where there will be a hole going all the way through the pipe.

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Holes that don’t go through won’t need any reinforcing because the concrete will hold itself in place against the frame.

– Be careful when you’re pouring the concrete. You want to make sure you don’t leave any air bubbles inside or else the pipes won’t go through.

Make sure the concrete is level, too, so that it flows into all of the nooks and crannies.

– Be careful not to overheat the drill or you could damage the pipes. Smaller bits will also help with this.

Good luck!

Do you want to try building a Sod House?

A sod house is made of thick, grassy turf taken from the earth which is then woven and stacked to create walls. You can create a sod wall in one of two ways, the first of which involves taking a sharp blade and shaving off layers of grass to create a flat surface, which is then woven.

The second involves cutting vertical slits into horizontal strips of turf and weaving the strands back and forth so that they interlock. Sod houses are typically about 10 feet wide and 12 feet long and 6 feet high. Be sure to leave a door so you don’t have to tunnel your way out of your home!

Building a Sod House

You’ll need…

A shovel

Rocks (optional, for anchoring the sod house into the ground)

First you will need to find a good patch of grass or sod. You can usually find it near rivers as they provide a better growing environment.

Once you have located your sod, you need to decide on a location to build and dig a shallow trench around where the walls will go so that you have enough sod to build with. Sod is very humid so it is not uncommon for the walls to dry out too much and crumble, you can put a few rocks down before you lay the first row to help with this if necessary. You will then start weaving the sod together like a giant mat. It’s better if you can get someone to help you as the walls can get very heavy.

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Once your walls are up you will want to put in a floor before you add the final roof. A simple wooden frame and some grass will do.

Sod houses don’t have great insulation so it’s best to build them in warmer climates.Once the floor is in, you just put the roof on, and then you’re done! It’s important to make sure that there are no holes or loose sod as these houses can easily lose all their moisture and become uninhabitable.

Sod houses are great in emergency situations, if you’re lost in the wilderness or if you’ve had your home destroyed, you can easily build one of these as a temporary home until you can get back on your feet. They’re also good for hiding out since they’re made of grass and dirt.

No one will think to look for you in there!

Do you want to try building a Tree House?

A tree house can be as elaborate as the one in “The Swiss Family Robinson” or it can be as simple as a platform with some rope ladders hung from the trees so that you can get up and down. It all depends on what you have time and materials to build.

Your first step will be to find the perfect tree. Look for one that is big and strong, preferably harder wood like oak, and is not surrounded by smaller trees or bushes.

You’ll need…

A saw to cut the tree down (a handsaw will do)

Strong ropes to tie the tree to while you chop it down (and to build your tree house!)

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Ladders or stairs to get up and down the tree. You’ll need one for every 5 feet the tree is without a branch (a 5 foot tree would need 2 ladders so that you can get up and down).

Rope ladders work well for this and can be improvised if you’re in the wilderness.

Cutting down the tree:

If you have the luxury of time, cut a little bit off the tree every day, it will weaken it and make it easier to cut down when the time comes. After a few days of this the tree should be ready to fall with a little persuasion.

Once you’re sure of its strength, cut two slashes into the side of it about 2/3 rds of the way up (if the tree is 20 feet tall, you’ll want the first slash to be around 14 feet and the second around 17) Then stand well back! The tree should fall towards the slashes making it easier to chop up.

You’ll need somewhere to store all this wood, a shed would be ideal but if that’s not possible at least find a dry place out of the rain. That wood won’t burn if it’s even a little bit wet!

Building the Tree House:

Measure out how big you want your tree house to be and then cut the rest of the tree up into planks. Each plank should be at least 8 inches wide and no more than 3 inches thick.

Arrange these into the shape of floors and walls on the ground. This should give you an idea of what you need. The tree house can be as simple or as complex as you like. You can create multiple floors or you can just make a platform high up in the tree.

Once you’re ready to build, start by placing the largest pieces in first. Use long pieces (4-5 feet) to create the frame of your tree house and then use shorter pieces to fill in the gaps.

You might want to make the base of your tree house 4×4 feet and then add a smaller raised section in the middle. Keep the walls and floors as square as you can, it will make things much easier for you. The hardest part is probably putting the roof on but you should have enough long planks left over to build a basic pitched roof.

The most important thing is to make sure the tree house is solid and won’t fall down! Use lots of nails (you never have enough nails!) and you can also brace the walls inside with smaller pieces of wood if you want to make it super sturdy. The tree house in the story was 3 decks high with a small roof terrace. You can design yours how you like but make sure it’s fun for you and the girl!

You’ll need to bring up lots of supplies as well as building materials. Find a large backpack and start filling it with candles, lantern oil, more blankets and towels, plate, cups, knife and fork, marshmallows (the sweet kind that you roast over the fire), more food e.t.c.

Also find a crowbar, hammer, lots of nails, a few thick planks of wood, rope, several floor tiles (the kind you lay on the floor), step ladders (you’ll need 2), small bits of wood (such as short lengths of broom handle), bed sheets and some small sturdy boxes (toolbox size).

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You should have enough in the way of money to buy everything you need although if you run out go and talk to Mum or Rita about getting a advance on your pay.

Once you have everything you need, head down to the tree where you’ve been working and start building!

Good luck and have fun! ūüôā

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