How do you nail wood siding?

How To Nail Wood Siding: How To Install Vertical Wood Siding

Nailing wood siding is not difficult. However, it requires a certain amount of skill and experience.

You need to know how to properly nail wood siding correctly. There are many types of nails used for wood siding. Some of them are fasteners, while others are staples or screws. These types of nails will be discussed in this tutorial.

Fasteners – Fasteners are fastening devices which hold things together with little effort. They come in different sizes and shapes.

They can be made out of different materials. Nails are important fasteners. They are used in many woodworking projects. The types of nails used for wood siding are spikes and ring shanks. Nails are usually made out of steel or copper.

Spikes – Spike are nails with flat heads. They are common nails which have a wide variety of uses.

You can purchase them at most local hardware stores.

Ring shanks – This is a type of nail. It has a wide, flat head which is bent in a ring-shape.

They have been used for many years in several different projects. Most people like using them for woodworking. They can be used for various types of wood siding.

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Screws and Staples – Screws and staples are also fasteners that you should know how to use. They are mostly used on particle board and plywood.

If you use plywood, make sure that the wood is not warped or it will not stay in place. They can be purchased at the same stores where you bought the wood siding. Make sure that you purchase the right type of screws and staples. If you choose to use screws, make sure that you have a power drill to drive them in. If you choose to use staples, make sure that you have a good staple gun.

How to Nail Wood Siding: How to Install Horizontal Wood Siding

There are several ways to install horizontal wood siding. This method requires a certain skill that you need to develop.

You should not try to install it if you have no experience with woodworking or installing siding. Horizontal siding is basically wood which is installed in a horizontal position as opposed to vertical. The horizontal pieces are installed over the wall studs. You can rest the horizontal siding on the top of the wall studs. The horizontal wood siding is nailed to these wall studs. Nailing is a basic woodworking skill. The nails used for this purpose are usually ring shank nails. It is best to use a nail gun for this purpose because it can drive multiple nails within seconds. If you do not have a gun, you can get a compressor and a nailgun. If you have neither of these, you should get one or the other because they are both extremely useful for woodworking.

How To Nail: How To Nail Wood Siding – Removing Old Siding

Before you can start nailing the vertical pieces of wood siding, you need to remove the old siding. If you are lucky, the old siding will be nailed onto the frame of the house.

If this is the case, you can save yourself a lot of work. Start by removing the siding which is connected to the house. Use a flat head screwdriver to pry up the boards. Start at the bottom and work your way up. If you come to a nail, use your pry bar or claw hammer to pull it out. If the nails are painted in, you might be able to just pull them out with your pliers. Pull out all of the nails that you can. If you can’t remove a nail, just pry the board up a little bit and then move on. You can clean up the areas where the nails are still in with your saw later on.

How To Nail: How To Nail Wood Siding – Removing Old Siding (Cont)

Once you have all the nails pulled out that you can reach, it’s time to start cutting the siding out. Use your saw to cut along the baseboard.

Cut as close to it as you can without actually cutting into the board. Once you have a section cut out, use your pry bar or claw hammer to pull out the nails holding the baseboard in. Once the nails are all pulled, just pry it out. Use your putty knife or claw hammer to scrape off the remaining bits of siding that are still stuck to the house.

Now that you have all the nails and old siding removed, it’s time to start installing the new siding. The first step is to install the top piece of siding.

The bottom piece is not installed yet because you need something to nail the top piece into. Make sure that this piece is sitting flush against the house so no gaps are present. Nail this piece into every other wall stud. These nails will keep the top piece in place while you install the rest of the horizontal siding pieces.

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How To Nail: How To Nail Wood Siding – Installing Top Horizontal Siding

To install the rest of the horizontal siding, you need to make sure there is a space of at least 6″ from the top piece you just nailed in place. Use your 4′ level to make sure each section is sitting level before nailing it into place.

Nail the sections into every stud. Once you have one row complete, fill in the voids with smaller pieces. Instead of nailing these into place, just set them in there snug.

Once you have all the horizontal siding installed, you just need to caulk all the seams with house silicone. This will seal the house and keep the bugs from entering.

Most of the time you can find silicone that is clear, so once it dries, you can’t even tell its there.

Once you caulk all the seams, you need to fill in the spots where the old siding used to be. You can use either wood or vinyl siding boards to fill these areas in.

Nail these pieces into the studs using 1 1/2″ nails.

You now have a nice wall that is better protected from the elements.

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