How do you remove a rotten fence post from concrete?

How to Remove a Rotten Fence Post From Concrete?

The first thing you need to know about removing a rotten fence post from concrete is that it’s not easy at all. You will have to use some tools and skills which are beyond your level.

The reason why it’s so difficult is because there are many different types of fences and they’re usually made with different materials such as steel, iron, plastic or even wood.

In addition, there are various sizes of fence posts. For example, if you want to replace a wooden fence post with one made out of steel then you’ll have to get two different kinds of fence posts.

There might be ones that measure 1 inch in diameter and others that measure 3 inches in diameter. If you want to replace a metal fence post with one made out of wood then you’ll have to get several different types of fence posts.

There are also different styles of fence posts. Some are straight, while others curve around their edges.

Some have rounded corners; some don’t. And so on…

You may also encounter other types of fence posts that aren’t covered here. They include: old fashioned nails, screws, bolts and nuts.

All these things will require special tools and skills to install them properly in your house or business site. If you don’t have this kind of knowledge then it’s best to hire a professional.

The most common type of fence post that most people encounter is the wooden one, although they can be made out of plastic, metal or even mixed materials. Here are some general guidelines that are helpful in making the right replacement decisions.

Size: Pick a fence post that is near the height and width that you desire. Most fence companies will have dimensions for each of their fence posts online.

Also, make sure that it’s the type of wood you want and that it will be a good fit with the surrounding landscape.

Bolt or Screw: Fence posts either screw into the ground or are bolted to anchor rods with large washers and nuts on the other side of the fence. You will need to get the proper tools and materials for your type of fence post.

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If you can’t find a fence post that screws in or bolts to anchor rods, then you should pick a different style of fence.

Metal posts are usually fastened with large washers and nuts on one side of the fence. You’ll need to buy the proper tools and materials to fit your situation.

For metal posts you’ll also need to either dig a deep hole or build up a solid base for the post to sit on. Make sure that the ground can support the weight of the fence and its contents. You might want to hire a professional for this type of fence as it can be heavy and is a lot of work to dig the hole or build up the base.

Another option for removing a rotten fence post is to…

Ignore the Problem

Removing a fence completely might be more work than you want to deal with or afford. It also might not be in the budget.

However, if the hole is small enough you can probably patch it up temporarily with wood, metal, or even plastic filler and then add some paint to cover it up. If you’re handy around the house then this may be a good solution for your problem.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing this type of repair work yourself, then you should still be able to find a small local company that can do the job for a decent price. Just make sure the contractor is reliable and has experience in repairing fences.

Check online reviews or ask your neighbors for recommendations. You don’t want the fence to fall apart again in a few months!

Call 811

This is a very important step and you shouldn’t skip it! Even if you think the pipes were never moved when they installed your fence, it’s best to double check that they aren’t anywhere near the area that you’re going to dig.

Also, you wouldn’t believe how many times we’ve found water, gas and even electricity lines that weren’t detected during the original inspection. The number to call is 8-1-1. The service is free and they will come out to your property within a few days to mark any underground utilities that might be in the area you’re digging. There could even be some in the area you want to build on, so it doesn’t hurt to have them check. We’ve saved many a homeowner from doing expensive repairs after they’ve accidentally hit a line with their shovels.

The call is free, so there’s no excuse for not protecting yourself and your family from potentially dangerous situations.

When you’re done with your call be sure to let us know by commenting below. One of our trusty site administrators will then come by and mark the location of any buried lines in the general area.

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This way you’ll know for sure whether or not you hit something and whether or not it’s a utility line.

Good luck and be safe out there!

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