How do you seal the ends of lumber?

How do you Seal Log Ends?

If you are going to use wood glue as a sealant, then it is important to understand what type of glue will work best for your particular application. You need to know whether the glue will cause shrinkage or not.

If it does, then you must make sure that the surface of the glued area is smooth and even so that there won’t be any gaps between boards when they are put together.

The following are some tips to follow if you want to use glue as a sealant:

1) Use a good quality wood glue. There are several types of wood glues available.

Some of them may have different properties than others. For example, one type might be strong enough to hold up boards but not allow them to expand during installation because it would cause the joints to crack or crumble. Another type might be too weak and cause cracks in the joint.

2) Make sure that the glue is applied evenly. Don’t just apply glue to the edges of the boards.

Apply it all over them. Also, don’t just apply glue to the top edge of each board; apply it on both sides of each board so that you get a uniform look throughout the whole piece.

3) When applying glue, try not to let it drip down onto other surfaces such as flooring or furniture in which you are working on.

2) Make sure that the glue is completely dry before applying it to the wood. If you apply glue while it’s still wet, then you risk causing problems later on.

(See tip #3)

3) When putting together two pieces of lumber, ensure that there aren’t any gaps between them. These gaps could lead to warping and cracking later on.

Also make sure that the edges don’t come into contact with each other when placing them together.

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