How do you square 4 posts?

The 4-Post Square: How To Do It?

1) Find the center of each post and mark it out.

2) Draw a line from one corner to another, then draw another line down the middle. You will have four lines (or squares). If you are using a compass, use the North-South direction for all directions except East-West.

3) Mark out the corners of your square. Then, make sure you have drawn them all out.

4) Now, take two pieces of string and put them around the outside edge of each corner and tie it off so there is no slack at either end. Tie a knot in both ends so they don’t unravel while you’re walking around. Walk around the perimeter of your square until you’ve tied it up properly.

5) Take a piece of paper and write the number of each side. Make sure you include the top and bottom sides too!

6) When you get home, cut out the numbers you wrote on your paper. Place them over each other along with your string square. You should now have a 4-post square!

7) Now, you’re ready to start building! Be sure to measure twice and cut once.

Good luck, Adventurer.

How do you square 4 posts?

The Story of The Long Road

The Long Road is more than just a road, more than just an interstate, more than just a highway. It is America’s Main Street. It is where our nation’s history was written and it is where it continues to be written.

In the middle of this writing, in the middle of The Long Road lays a story we all need to remember and never forget.

The story starts in a town in Ohio. A town with a population just under 8,000 and is also the county seat of that county. It is a town with rich American heritage and history.

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This town has produced several notable people, including CEOs and politicians. Not just regular politicians either, but two of the most powerful people in the country at the time.

This town’s name is Marietta. It was named after Marie Antoinette, the famous Queen of France. She was, at one time, the richest person in the world.

This town is where I am from and this is my story.

We were a family just like the ones you see on TV. My dad was the Sheriff of Washington County, which Marietta resides in. My mom was a housewife.

She used to teach at the elementary school I would later attend, but stopped when I and my two younger brothers were born. My youngest brother is still in high school and my oldest brother is a soldier in the U.S. Army and stationed over in Iraq right now.

My name is Lucas and I’m sixteen years old. I am the middle child with two brothers and no sisters. I live on a farm about five miles out of Marietta along Hwy-80 East.

We lived pretty comfortably off the land, but things were always tight sometimes.

I was a quiet kid. I didn’t have many friends, but the friends I did have, I went all the way back to kindergarten with. Ryan Ellerbrock was my best friend since first grade.

We did just about everything together from playing sports to building forts in the woods.

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We also had another close friend by the name of Cheyenne Clark. She moved into town during our fifth-grade year. My brother was actually the one who convinced her to come play with us that first day.

It took a little prodding, but I eventually talked to her. And it just went from there. I’ll never forget the first thing she said to me…

She said she liked my eyes and wanted to be my friend. I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

She became my closest friend and were practically inseparable from that day on. I loved her. I know it might be a little early to say that, but hey…

I was only in the sixth grade, I didn’t know any better.

The three of us were like one person. We had our own language that nobody else could understand. Whenever we were together, we just had fun.

And we managed to stay out of trouble most of the time.

But then everything changed in just one day.

It was a warm fall day, the kind that made you want to just kick back and relax. School had been let out for the year and all of us had the summer ahead of us. It was just me, Cheyenne and Ryan.

We were playing on an old rope swing that hung from a tree near the creek that ran through my backyard.

I used to love swinging on that thing when I was little because it made me feel so free.

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