How do you trim cabinets?

How to Trim Cabinet Bottom Molding?

The first thing you need to know is that there are two types of cabinet bottom molding: solid and veneer. Solid cabinet bottom molding consists of wood strips with no nails or screws. These are used in kitchens where space is limited such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, etc. Veneer cabinet bottom molding consists of thin pieces glued together at one end and screwed into place on the other side of the wall. Veneer is commonly found in bathrooms, kitchens, closets, etc.

Solid cabinet bottom molding is usually more expensive than veneer because it requires more time and labor to install. However, if you want a clean look then solid cabinet bottom molding will definitely work for your needs.

Veneer cabinet bottom molding is much cheaper than solid cabinet bottom molding, but it takes longer to install. If you’re looking for a simple solution to decorate your kitchen, then veneer cabinet bottom molding might be best choice for you.

Trimming Cabinet Bottom Moldings: How To Do It?

When trimming the bottom of cabinets, you’ll have several options available depending upon what type of cabinet you have. The first option is to use a cabinet base shoe. A shoe is easy to install and very inexpensive. It is basically a long molding that fits on the bottom of your cabinet and covers the edge of the floor. Shoe’s typically cost between $1 – $3 dollars each.

The second option is to trim out the entire cabinet with quarter round. Quarter round is a type of molding that covers the space between the wall and floor. Quarter round typically costs between $4 – $10 dollars a run. This is the least expensive way to trim out a cabinet but it looks the worst.

The third option is to use several different styles of molding to create an elegant frame around your cabinet. You can use crown, base, door, or even window molding to creatively frame your cabinet and give it an elegant look. This option is more expensive than trimming with quarter round but it can give your kitchen an elegant look. You can typically find molding at home improvement stores for $4 – $15 dollars a piece.

The fourth option is to add a new base cabinet to your kitchen. Adding a new cabinet not only adds storage space but it can also dramatically change the look of your kitchen. Depending upon your kitchen layout several options are available to you. First, you can add a new base cabinet under your sink. This can add additional storage and counter space.

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The new cabinet can be the same height as your other cabinets or it can be higher. Another option is to add a new base cabinet below your dishwasher. This will not only add storage space but it also adds extra counter space for food preparation. If you have an island in your kitchen, you may want to consider adding a new base cabinet on each side. These cabinets can be any size you need and they can be higher than your other cabinets. These new base cabinets will not only add storage space but they will make your kitchen look bigger.

Whatever option you choose, remember this: “The key to a successful kitchen remodel is lay out everything on the floor before you even buy anything.”

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