How do you use a nail puller?

Nail Pullers are used to remove nails from wood or other materials. Nails are usually fastened with screws or nails. Nail pullers have been around since ancient times. They were originally designed for removing metal objects such as coins, bolts, and rivets. Today they are widely available in different sizes and shapes to fit various needs.

There are two types of nail pullers: Slide Hammer and Extractors.

Slide Hammer Nail Puller

The slide hammer nail puller is one of the most popular types of nail pulling tools today. These devices allow users to easily manipulate nails without having to apply excessive force.

These devices come in many shapes and sizes, and are often referred to as “nail guns.”

These nail pullers are sometimes called “pulling” tools because they require a user to push the nail out with their fingers. The slide hammer device allows users to easily maneuver the nail into place without having to exert too much pressure.

Once a nail is in place, a user applies pressure to the handle, which can increase force up to 500 pounds. The hammer then slams the top of the nail while the user slides the tip out with their fingers.

This process is repeated until the nail has been fully removed. The hammer can also be reversed to push the nail deeper into the wood using more force and leverage.

The slide hammer tool comes in different shapes and sizes, but the concept is the same. This tool is useful for those who want to remove nails without using regular pliers or other tools.

It’s also a good choice for novices or anyone who wants to easily manipulate a nail. These tools can be found at most hardware stores and are fairly easy to use.

Extractor Nail Puller

The Extractor is another popular nail pulling tool in the market today. These tools use leverage and grip to pull nails out of hard to reach places.

The tool consists of a hollow cylinder with teeth on one end. As the cylinder is screwed onto the nail, the teeth grips the head of the nail. The user then applies pressure to the handle, which in turn grips and twists the head of the nail counterclockwise.

The force applied to the handle causes the nail to bend and then break off at the surface of the wood. These tools can remove nails out of hard to reach places without the hassle.

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These tools are mostly made of heavy duty steel and can withstand constant use. They’re compact and easy to use, making them perfect for most users.

The Extractor tool is one of the simplest yet most useful tools in any handyman’s arsenal. These tools are made by a number of manufacturers, and replacement heads can be found at most hardware stores.

These tools are great for removing stubborn nails without damaging the surrounding wood.

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