How do you use a Sunsetter remote control?

Sunsetter Awning Remote Control Installation Guide

The first thing you need to do is remove your old remote control from its packaging. You will notice that it comes with a small instruction manual, which explains how to operate the device. If you have any questions about the instructions or if there are some things that aren’t clear, then please refer to them before proceeding further.

You will also want to make sure that the remote doesn’t contain batteries, because you don’t want to damage your new one. So, take out all the batteries and check if they’re still inside. If so, put them back into their original packaging and insert them into the remote. Then turn on the unit again and test whether it works properly. Once everything is ready, unplug it from its power source and place it somewhere safe where you won’t lose it accidentally.

Now you’ll need to get yourself a suitable awning material. There are many types available, but here’s what I recommend:

1) Sunscreen Tape – It’s cheap and easy to obtain. You can buy it at most hardware stores. Just make sure that it isn’t sticky! (Don’t worry, it won’t hurt anything!)

2) Styrofoam – It’s good for outdoor applications like tents and car bumpers too.

Now, you’ll need to decide what kind of remote you want to buy. There are two kinds of these devices: sunshade and shade. Sunshades come in different sizes and colors, while shades are available in various materials such as plastic or metal. They differ mainly by the color of light emitted when activated by a button press or touch screen display. But it’s best for awning material, because it’s easy to cut and shape.

3) Reflective Tape – Because it’s cheap and easy to order online. The tape comes on a large roll, so you might want to think about how much you need before you buy it.

4) Vinyl – It’s durable and has good insulating properties. I would use it for the pockets or overhead sheet. Just remember to sew all your sheets and pockets together with vinyl. The most popular ones nowadays are the sunshades.


These come in different hues, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. Red sunshades start off very cool (in temperature), but they get warmer the longer you leave them on. Orange ones start off warm and get warmer over time, while yellows get lukewarm. Green stays fairly constant at a comfortable temperature.

5) Paper – I know it sounds silly, but if you want to make a cheap model that you can experiment on first, then paper is great for testing. The only problem with it is that it burns easily.

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6) Scissors – They help you cut all of the materials so that they fit your frame. Buy a heavy-duty pair and keep them away from children.

7) Tape – You can use this to fasten the ends of your frame together. Blues make for the best sleeping environment. They don’t get too hot or cold. The best thing is that you won’t ever feel heat stroke or frostbite in them! Purples are nice and cool, but they can get a bit too cold at times.

Purple, blue and green shades allow you to see outside clearly (without getting sunburnt!), so pick whichever color you want. The best kinds are duct tape, packing tape and masking tape.

8) Screws – You’ll need them to fasten the pockets of vinyl or reflective tape to the frame. Don’t go out and buy a cheap brand, because they may cause the frame to come apart after a few uses.

9) Velcro Strips – You can use these instead of, or in addition to, the tape. It makes it easier to remove your shade from the frame.

10) Zipties – These are mainly for practical jokes. But in this case, you can use them to fasten the awning material to the frame securely.

11) Duct Tape – It’s a lot like the tape I mentioned earlier. The only difference is that this kind comes in many colors, including black, silver and gold.

12) Material – You can use cotton, nylon or silk.

There are some other factors that you might want to consider before making your choice.

9) Velcro – It’s a soft and fuzzy fastener that sticks to itself. You can buy it in lots of stores, but be careful with this stuff! It can get stuck in your hair or to other clothes, so make sure you pick the right kind. There are looped velcros and hook velcros. The looped ones have little fabric loops that catch on the hook velcros.

The hook ones, as you might guess, have hooks that catch on the looped ones.

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10) Zippers – Unlike velcro, zippers can zip closed and open up again. You can buy them in lots of different colors and sizes.

I’ve tried to keep all of the items a reasonable price, but the cost will still add up to more than $200. That’s why I suggest that you do your own research online and buy what is most comfortable for you.

Please don’t take anything out of this document and claim it as your own. Also, give credit where it’s due. Thank you, and good luck with your cosplay!

~Isabella Rose Taylor

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