How far should dryer vent be from wall?

Dryer Vent Diameter Chart:

The Dryer Vent Diameter Chart shows the distance between the ceiling and the top of your dryer. The chart is based on measurements taken with a tape measure and will not necessarily match up exactly with what your dryer looks like when it’s running or even if it works properly. A dryer vent that is too close to the wall could cause excessive heat build up and damage your home.

If you have questions about where to put your dryer vent, please contact us so we can guide you through the process of choosing the right size for your needs.

How Much Should My Dryer Vent Be From Wall?

If you are installing a new dryer vent, then you need to make sure that the opening is large enough to allow air flow without creating any drafts. You want your dryer vent to run at least 4 feet away from the wall.

If you are installing a new dryer vent, then the most important thing to consider is whether or not your existing vent is going to fit into the space available. If it doesn’t, then you need to make sure that your new vent will fit before you start cutting out walls. You may want to take a look at our handy guide on How To Install A Dryer Vent Before Buying One.

The length of your dryer vent can be up to 50 feet without any serious decrease in performance. The opening at the back of your house will need to be at least 12 inches by 24 inches, but it should ideally be larger than that.

When Do I Need To Replace My Dryer Vent?

If you have had your current dryer vent for more than 5 years, then it is likely time to replace it. As with most things, they only last for so long. A dryer vent that has been in use for a long time will eventually develop clogs and other problems that can cause your clothes to take longer to dry or even cause fires.

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We would suggest that if you notice problems such as lint building up outside of the tube or your dryer taking a very long time to dry your clothes that you should call a professional as soon as you can.

How To Tell If A Dryer Vent Is Too Small

If you have looked at the diameter of your dryer vent and it is too small for the size of your dryer, then you need to replace the vent as soon as possible. A dryer that is too large for the size of the vent will take much longer to dry your clothes and will be a safety concern due to the increased risk of fire. In addition to these major problems, a dryer that is too large for the vent will also cause lint to clog up your system.

All of these problems add up to one thing: you need to replace the dryer vent with one that is the proper size.

How To Measure A Dryer Vent

The first step in replacing your dryer vent is measuring the actual diameter of your dryer vent. You can measure this with a tape measure. Most dryers have a tube coming out of them that is 6 or 7 inches in diameter.

All you need to do is measure the diameter at the very end of it. If it is any larger than 7 inches, we would suggest getting a dryer vent that is 8 inches in diameter as this will ensure proper air flow and reduce your risk of clogs or fire hazards.

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