How much weight can metal studs hold?

Metal Studs Weight Chart

The following table shows the maximum weight that can be supported by various types of metal studs. For example, if you have a TV stand made from wood, it will not support anything above its own weight.

If you want to build a sturdy television stand out of steel or aluminum, then you need to make sure that your material choice allows for the maximum amount of weight possible.

Material Maximum Load Capacity Steel (1/2 inch) 1,000 lbs. Aluminum (3/4 inch) 2,500 lbs.

Wood (8 inches) 5,000 lbs. Stone (12 inches) 10,000 lbs. Iron (24 inches) 15,000 lbs. Copper (48 inches) 20,000 lbs. Gold (80 inches) 25,000 lbs. Platinum (100 inches) 30,000 lbs. Silver (120 inches) 35,000 lbs. Bronze (160 inches) 40,000 lbs.

If you are building a house where there is going to be heavy loads of furniture and other objects such as a car or truck then you may want to consider using stronger materials like concrete instead of wood or even steel. Bronze (72 inches) 25,000 lbs.

Gold (96 inches) 30,000 lbs. Platinum (120 inches) 35,000 lbs. Silver (144 inches) 40,000 lbs.

It is very important to note that these are maximum loads only; they do not take into account any bending stress or other stresses associated with the structure itself. Much of this will also depend on how heavy or large an object will be.

If you need to hang a large television on the wall in your living room, you probably have enough information now to know what kind of studs you should use.

How much weight can metal studs hold? If you want to put up a medium sized flat screen TV on a wall with wooden studs, then your studs should be able to hold about 100 pounds each. For example, aluminum is light and very strong, but it dents easily.

The dent in the metal will not allow for the same amount of force to be applied as it could if it was an equal distance to the nearest edge of the metal. Additionally, some materials have a more brittle strength such as copper or silver and are prone to cracking or breaking if too much stress is applied. This is even more true when the metal is thin. This is because most flat screen TVs weigh less than that. If you were planning on hanging two flat screens then the wooden studs should be able to hold up to 200 pounds. There are television mounts that can support more weight than that, but in most cases, the wall studs are only meant to hold the television itself and not anything else.

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Metal is generally measured in units called gauge. The higher the gauge, the thinner the metal and the lower the strength.

The size of metal studs can vary greatly so you need to make sure that you buy the correct size for your walls. If you buy ones that are too small, they may rip out of the wall if you put too much weight on them.

If you want to put up a very heavy and large piece of art then you should probably reinforce your wall studs for that because they are not designed to hold as much weight. If you have pictures or paintings already hanging on the wall, then you might have to take those down before you make any alterations to the wall studs because if you don’t, then the added weight could cause them to eventually pull away from the wall or fall off completely.

If you buy ones that are too large, they won’t be as strong and may break under the same weight that smaller ones can hold.

Your dining room table only needs to be supported by two columns of studs which are on the edges and do not need to be very thick. So, you can probably use some thinner metal which will be cheaper.

This is especially true with older homes where the drywall may not be attached to the studs in the same way that it is in newer wall frames.

If you want to make sure that your TV is very securely mounted then you might want to drill holes into your drywall and mount bolts directly into the studs. Still, you probably want to reinforce them just to be safe.

You may as well order some extra because while the boxes that they come in will be light, the individual pieces will still be slightly heavy.

You have a large piece of art that you want hang over your fireplace. You don’t really care about the art so much as you care about making your lounge look nice and this is a very large piece.

It is about 6 feet by 8 feet and made of solid oak. This is actually a good idea to do even if you’re not hanging anything because drywall is notoriously flimsy and weak.

You can use a stud finder to help you locate the studs in your walls so you know where to mount the bolts. These tools are easy to find at your local hardware or home store and usually costs less than $20.

If you have problems finding one, then just ask one of the sales associates for help. It is relatively flat, but slightly curved on the sides. It currently weighs about 180 pounds because it is solid wood, but you expect that after you get it cut and mounted properly it will be much lighter, but still quite a bit heavier than a regular framed painting. The wall that you want hang it on can only hold so much weight so you need to be careful about not overloading the studs in that wall.

You screw the bolts into the wall. The heads on the bolts are wider than the hole so once they are in, you can hang your pictures or whatever else you want on them.

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It is a good idea to check the bolts every once in awhile by hanging something very light weight on them like a hanger. Once you are satisfied that they are holding up your art, then you can move on to some of the other projects.

You need to reinforce your wall studs. You could use metal brackets, but these can be tricky to install.

Another option is to use toggle bolts. These are quite easy to use and can hold up to 200 pounds of weight per bolt. They come with a screw and an “S” shaped metal clasp that holds the bolt in place.

Basically, you have transformed your home into a very large art gallery. Your living room is now a showcase for a few modern art pieces, one abstract expressionism and the other a geometrical conceptual piece.

Your dining room has a large surrealistic painting that looks like it is moving. And your bedroom features a photo-realistic landscape.

Toggle bolts work by being drilled into the wall then with a gentle push, the clasp opens up and the screw can be tightened into place. This causes a good deal of pressure to be exerted downward and inward against the drywall.

Once the screw is tight, the clasp clicks shut and the toggle bolt is securely in place. Each bolt should be at least 8-inchs from the edge of the wall and no further than 24-inches apart.

You also have a large abstract sculpture in your foyer. A couple of your classes include art history and Italian art so you have a few pieces from each of those periods.

You don’t keep them in the back room, but you make sure to keep them in good condition and ensure that they are clean and away from sunlight so as to extend their life. You even hired an art conservation student to come in and give you a crash course in art preservation.

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You start in the center of each wall and measure out 8-inches from the corner then using a tape measure and a level, you make sure that the line you are about to drill is perfectly straight. After marking the spot with a pencil, you use an electric drill to create a hole that is just a bit wider than the 3/8-inch bolts.

After fastening a bolt into each wall, you are ready to mount your art.

Your business has been steadily growing and you find that you are keeping very busy. You hired a few more people to help out, one of them being a high school student and another being an art history major.

They seem to be working out well. You haven’t had much time for your own artwork lately, but that’s okay because it seems to be doing well as is. You don’t have too many complaints (except maybe for the prices) so you are satisfied with your success.

You hang the first piece, a large cubist piece, called Guitar by Pablo Picasso. You did learn in your art history class that he was heavily influenced by the work of Cezanne and this is his take on classic landscapes.

The creative use of geometric shapes to form the image of a guitar is fascinating and you are glad you bought it when you saw it at a garage sale for $20.

You then move on to an equally large, but very different painting. This one is by a Russian artist named Wassily Kandinsky.

It is abstract expressionism at its finest and one of your favorite paintings. The texture of thickly laid paint grabbing your attention from the most prominent yellow square which draws your eyes to the circles inside of squares forming the rest of the image. The colors seem to shimmer as you look away then back again. You often find yourself staring at it admiring the chaotic order of it all.

A year passes and your business has grown even more. You’ve had to rent a storage unit for all your art supplies.

You have decided to keep your prices the same as they have been for a while now, but you figure that you could start selling some of your originals for a premium price. You decide to keep one of your favorites and hang it in your living room above the fireplace. The rest you will store away until you can find a buyer… The artist was a pioneer of abstract art and this is one of his earlier works completed in 1913. You had to have it.

It hangs next to the Picasso for the rest of the afternoon and you are pleased with how it looks. The last piece is by a woman artist and although you don’t usually buy into popular culture you couldn’t help but fall in love with one of the pieces by Jenny Holzer.

It is a simple white text on a solid black background.

You have a friend who runs a small gallery a few towns over and he is always looking for new artists to exhibit. You make the trip and he seems genuinely interested in your pieces.

He says that he will display them in an upcoming exhibit next month.

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With the holidays coming up, you put out some of your cheaper prints and they sell very well with the holiday shoppers.

The day of the exhibit arrives and you are excited to see how it turns out. It reads: Protect me from knowing what happens next.

You hang it on your bedroom wall and are amazed at the simplistic beauty of it all. You have finally made it as an artist and you could not be more happy.

Finally, you realize something that you have not for a long time.

You are happy…

You get there a little early and see that your pieces are displayed in a good location. The lighting is even good! The exhibit will run for about a month and you decide to go back home so you can return later to see it all hung up and enjoy the opening party.

When you arrive again a few hours later, the place is packed. You can’t believe how many people were interested in attending opening night.

Your friend seemed to have promoted the heck out of this show.

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