Is it OK to walk on cement board?

How to Install Cement Board on Concrete Floor?

In order to make installing cement board on concrete floor easier, it is recommended that you follow these steps:

1) You need to have some kind of leveling device. If you don’t have any, then you could try using a shovel or something similar.

However, if your floor isn’t very smooth and uneven, then you might not get the job done properly without such a tool.

2) After you have chosen a spot where you want to put cement board, then you will need to lay down some kind of backing material first. For example, you can use wood shavings or even sand.

3) Then, after the backing material is laid out well enough so that there are no gaps between the pieces of cement board, then you can start putting the pieces together.

4) Once the cement board is installed, you will need to check its level regularly. You can do that by laying a piece of paper over the surface and then sliding it back and forth across the surface until you see whether or not it moves up or down.

If it does move up or down, then you know that your cement board is at least level.

4) When you are ready to put the last piece into place, then you just need to push the cement board firmly onto the backing material.

5) Once the cement board is firmly glued onto its backing material, then you can let it dry overnight before proceeding with installation.

How To Level Cement Board On Concrete Floor?

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Nowadays, many companies offer their services to install cement backer boards on concrete floors.

How to Install Cement Board on Floor?

It is very important to prepare your cement board properly before installing it directly onto the floor. Without this, you will not be able to achieve a professional looking or safe floor that won’t break apart over time.

Before installation, you must create a solid base for the cement board to reside upon. The process is simple and straightforward. Let me tell you how the whole thing looks like.

First of all, there was a discussion with the customer about what kind of flooring materials should be used. As it turned out, the customer didn’t have much experience in this area, so my company’s representative advised him to use cement board.

It is, indeed, the best surface material for floors.

After that, we measured his floor’s dimensions and put them into our system.

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