What are hanging lights called?

What are hanging lights called?

Hanging Lights are called in different names depending upon the country or region. Some of them include:

Chandeliers (In some countries) Chimes (In some countries) Pendants (In some countries) Ceiling Fan(s), etc. (in other places)

The above mentioned terms may have been used since ancient times, but they were not always applied to lighting devices. For example, in the United States, chandeliers were known as “chimneys” until the early 1800’s. In Europe, chimney was commonly used to refer to any type of open fire; hence it became known as chimney. The same thing happened with chime. Chimney and chime are still used today to mean a fan or a light fixture that produces sound when turned on and off.

There are many types of pendant lights. They vary from simple metal cylinders to elaborate pieces made out of glass, crystal, bronze, silver or gold. There are also various sizes and shapes of chandeliers. The most common ones are round and cylindrical in shape. Other types include square and rectangular in shape, oval shaped and others too.

The most popular chandeliers are made up of three or more tiers. The bottom one is cylindrical and the rest are in a variety of shapes, such as hexagonal and octagonal. Others are shaped like a cluster of grapes.

What is a pendant light?

A pendant light, also known as a drop or hanging light, is a type of lighting fixture that has either a chain or metal rod extended from the base to the top of it. It is meant to be hung from the ceiling or from a wall. The light bulb or light bulbs are attached to the top of this rod or chain. Pendant lights come in many types, shapes and sizes, as well as colors and designs. They can be very plain or very fancy.

Varying Sizes

Pendant lights come in all different types of sizes. There are very small ones that may be no larger than the light bulb itself, and there are very large ones that hang down as much as twelve or more feet. The very small ones are typically ornamental and used to decorate a room, such as putting one inside of a glass dome on top of a small table. Larger pendant lights are typically used to provide lighting.

Pendant lights can be designed to illuminate whatever they are hanging over, such as a kitchen island or dining room table. They can also be used as an attention-getting design element, hung over a stairway or entryway.


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Pendant lights are typically used for illumination rather than for decoration. As such, they are often found in kitchens, breakfast nooks, family rooms and libraries. They are also used in hallways, foyers and above dining tables. Wherever a lot of light is needed, you are likely to find pendant lighting.

Some pendant lights can be used for both decoration and illumination. These types can be found in entryways, living rooms and dining rooms. They may also be found in bedrooms or even bathroom, especially in the United States.

Who uses pendant lighting?

These lights are used by homeowners to illuminate dark areas or to add a little extra light in some area of a room. Some homeowners also use these lights for decoration by putting them in the entryway or above the dining room table.

These lights can also be used in businesses. Often times, you will find these lights in a kitchen or breakfast nook of a diner or restaurant. They are typically used to both provide illumination and to attract the attention of potential customers along the sidewalk or street front.

Where can you buy pendant lighting?

You can buy pendant lighting at specialty stores or department stores that sell lighting and decorative items. You can also shop online for this type of lighting.

How expensive are they?

Pendant lights typically run anywhere from ten dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the size, the materials used in making them and the brand name. The most expensive pendant lights can be found at specialty lighting stores, while the least expensive can typically be found at big box discount stores or in the garden section of a home improvement store.

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What are some advantages of using pendant lighting?

One advantage of using pendant lighting is that they typically provide a lot of light, making them ideal for dark areas such as corners, under cabinets or in alcoves. They also give off a lot of light in areas where task lighting is needed, such as in the kitchen over a kitchen island.

Another advantage of using pendant lighting is that they can be used to create a dramatic effect by using a minimal amount of light in a large area, such as over a dining room table or in the entryway.

What are some disadvantages of using pendant lighting?

One potential disadvantage of using pendant lighting is that they are typically mounted high off the floor, making them difficult for some people to reach. This can be problematic for people with mobility issues. These lights can also be a safety hazard and a tripping hazard for young children.

Pendant lighting can also make artwork look terrible because it casts shadows upon them. This is especially true with oil paintings. These shadows can also be distracting to people sitting underneath the pendant light.

Can you name some famous pendant lights?

One of the most famous pendants in history is the Cylinder Pendant by architect Frank Lloyd Wright. This pendant was handcrafted out of copper and hung above the dining room table in his home, Taliesin.

Another pendant light that is well known is the Cloud Lamp, which hangs inside the Ghirardelli Chocolate Store on San Francisco’s Pier 39. It looks like a hot air balloon made out of metal and glass. It was created by Architect Frank Gehry.

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