What are the basic preparation of site for simple building project?

Site Preparation: Basic Steps for Simple Building Project

The first step of preparing a site is to determine if it will be used for future development or not. If you have no plans to develop the land, then there is nothing to do except clear away all debris from the area and leave it alone. You need not worry about any potential liability involved with such activity. However, if you want to build something on the land, then you must take some precautions.

If you intend to use the land for future development, then it is necessary to make sure that there are no obstacles preventing your progress. These include trees or other obstructions which could cause damage during construction. In order to avoid these problems, it is advisable that you remove them before starting construction work.

You may start by digging up the ground around the area where you wish to construct your house. This is called clearing the site. You must dig down into the earth and you cannot go too deep because it might collapse under your feet if you were to fall into it. Also, you need not disturb any underground water sources either since they are usually located at depths of several meters below surface level.

However, if you have already started building on the land and it looks like you are going to continue working there, then you might consider removing these objects first. There are many ways to do this. One way is to dig a hole in the ground and place stones inside it. Another method would be to use a bulldozer to remove the obstruction and then fill up the hole with dirt afterwards.

Still another option is using explosives such as dynamite or blasting powder. Instead, you can dig to either side of the underground water source.

You must have a place to dispose of the excess soil so that you can keep digging without getting too deep. Do not just throw it wherever since this might lead to clumping and uneven ground. Instead, make sure that the location where you dispose of the earth is as far away from the construction area as possible.

If you want to use explosives, be very careful when handling them because they can be very dangerous. You never know when they are going to explode and you probably do not want your face anywhere close to the blast zone. In fact, it may even be a good idea to have someone else handle the explosives for you. Just make sure that they know what they are doing.

Once you have dug up the land, then you can start building your house without worrying about any underground obstacles. You should also keep in mind that you should never go back to the work site immediately after an explosion since the entire place is probably going to be really unstable and could cause a cave-in.

It usually does not take long before the hole becomes so big that the surface begins caving in. This is when it is time to stop digging because you do not want the ground to completely collapse. Remember though, that you must be careful when building on slopes. If you are constructing your house on a hillside, it would be best to reinforce the ground with wooden beams otherwise it might start to collapse.

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However, if you are building on a slope that is less than forty five degrees, then you should be fine without having to reinforce it. Any steeper than that and you should start building stairs in order for people to easily walk up and down the slope. Of course, you also must stop if you think that the land is becoming unstable. If you think this might happen, then it would be best to just leave the place alone for at least a year so that everything has time to settle.

Time passes and everyone gradually becomes used to your presence in town. However, stairs can be a pain to build so you might want to just build a switchback trail. This way, the incline isn’t as steep and it is basically a short road that loops back onto itself.

Now comes the fun part of actually building the house. You need to start placing your posts into the ground. The best way to do this is to dig a hole into the ground that is wider than the base of the post. Well, maybe not everyone, but there are certainly less protests than there used to be.

You also become quite friendly with the people in town. One of them being a police officer named Roger. He is the one that usually patrols your street since he lives relatively close to it. Some citizens are a little uncomfortable with this at first, but he always tries to put them at ease by being polite and respectful to everyone he meets. Then fill the hole with rocks.

Your house is going to be two stories high so you need to build a strong foundation that can support the weight. You need strong beams to prop up the walls from the inside. Then it is just a matter of attaching everything together using wooden pegs or nails.

This is when you finally have a use for all those boards that you have been dragging around.

You might want to build your house close to a road or pathway since it will make it easier for people to reach you. This is especially important if you have a job that requires you to travel back and forth between home and work each day.

One thing you must do though, is make sure that your street has an easily recognizable name. If people don’t know the name of the street, they will have a very hard time finding your house later on. Lifting and carrying them is a bit of a pain though. Well, at least it’s downhill from here.

You also need to make the roof which means cutting beams in half and nailing them together on top of the walls. Then you need to put shingles on top of that. This can be done in several different ways, but usually involves individually nailing each shingle. You have plenty of nails so don’t skimp on this part.

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The most difficult part of the building is making sure everything is level and straight. It can be very frustrating if the walls aren’t sitting square or if one is higher than the other. This is why having friends help you is a good idea. You can easily accommodate the challenges that come up when building something like this by yourself.

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