What does Craftsman c3 mean?

What Does Craftsman C3 Mean?

The word “craftsman” means someone skilled or knowledgeable in something. For example, a carpenter would be considered a craftsperson.

The word “C3” means the third “thing” of something. “C1”

The Craftsman C3 battery series, also known as the C3, was a battery series by Sears. would be the first thing.

“C2” would be the second thing. So the third thing would be C3. It was made up of several different types of batteries, such as the C3-A, C3-AA, and

History of the Craftsman C3 Battery

The Craftsman C3 battery series came out in 1995. It was designed to replace the older “Visible Green” and “Yellow Jacket” series.

It was on the market until around 2003, when it was replaced by the C3-200 battery series. Today, it is rarely found in stores, having been replaced by newer battery technology. If you do find any, they are most likely used.

Battery Composition

The Craftsman C3 battery series came in a standard “Yellow and Blue” package. Each battery was 4.8 volts, meaning each battery had 4 “cells” inside it.

Each cell had a nominal voltage of 1.5 volts. Each cell had a weight of about 0.75 oz. This made the entire battery have a weight of about 3.5 lbs. The batteries were 6 inches long and 2.4 inches in diameter. The batteries were made of Lead-Acid. They came with a “craftsman” brand name on the front, with a “made in USA” at the bottom of the battery.


In addition to the name of the battery, “C3” has become a phrase used by many people in the hobby. The name has stuck around for several reasons.

First, it has become a meme, being brought up on several different occasions outside the model rocket community. Second, the naming system was actually very logical: “C1” was the first battery series, namely the Yellow Jacket. “C2” was the second battery series, namely the Visible Green. “C3” was the third battery series, namely the Yellow and Blue. “C4” was the fourth battery series, namely the Red and White. Finally, “C5” was the fifth battery series, namely the Silver and White. This naming system was directly adopted by other companies. For example, Estes uses the naming system for some of their rocket motors.

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Battery Storage and Disposal

These batteries need to be stored away from other metal objects, as they will inevitably start electrocuting each other if they are not properly stored. This is due to a process called “Galvanization” Some say that these batteries are Fire and Explosives hazard, but this is not true.

The chemicals will explode if they are shorted, but not due to fire. They will produce a cloud of Sulphur Dioxide, which is toxic. It is recommended to wear protective gear when handling these batteries after use. Also, be sure to dispose of them properly. Check your local regulations for proper disposal.

NOTE: These batteries may still leak acid, even if they are not used. Always wear protective gear when handling them.

Also make sure you wash your hands after handling them.

The Death of Craftsman

In January of 2006, Sears announced that it would stop selling “all” of its tools in its stores by 2008. The Craftsman name and tool line would be licensed out to other companies.

Craftsman’s current contract with Sears was to expire in 2008, and despite common belief, it was not renewed. The loss of the Craftsman name was a huge blow to the company. Several people boycotted the brand for several years. The company spent millions of dollars in re-branding.

In 2008, Sears announced that it would sell the Craftsman name to Apex Tool Group. There was a large number of buyers, but Apex won the brand in an auction.

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In the next year, Apex would go on to purchase several other brands, such as Proto and many others.

The Craftsman name would continue on for several more years, but the batteries continued to have poor sales. The manufacturing process never changed, and many other manufacturers had released their own versions of the C3 battery.

Craftsman’s customer base had long since moved on to other brands. In 2012, Apex would dispose of the entire Craftsman line. Several smaller companies attempted to license the name, but none were successful.

The yellow and blue “C” logo, which had become an American icon in home improvement would disappear from stores across the nation. The model rocket community mourned the loss of the C3 battery.

It would not be brought back in any other form.

The remaining stock of C3 batteries was quickly purchased by collectors. Most of the Yellow and Blue C3 batteries were bought up by a mysterious group, who resold them for over $500 on Ebay.

The last remaining warehouse full of C3 batteries was broken into and robbed of almost all of the stock. The police were investigating, but the culprits were never found.

In the next few years, the price of C3 batteries skyrocketed. The batteries were being sold on Ebay and Amazon for large amounts of money.

Scammers would often times ship empty boxes, and many innocent people would be ripped off. Ebay and Amazon did their best to not allow the auctions, but once they were allowed, it was almost impossible to get the money back.

Scammers would often time fill the boxes with other heavy duty batteries, such as Truck batteries. Since these were so heavy, the shipping cost would often times be more than what the scammer paid for the box of batteries.

This was a risky business for the scammer, but many won by doing so.

One group of scammers created a Battery Exchange Store, which accepted empty C3 battery boxes in exchange for money. This allowed them to both make money, and not have to risk paying for the batteries.

These scammers were able to make a killing, and eventually they grew too large and became the company known as Duracell.

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One enterprising scammer created a website that took money for C3 batteries, but instead he shipped nothing but paper. This website became the online retailer known as Amazon.

In the next few years, Craftsman, Sears, and Apex Tool Group all closed up shop. After a few years, only one Sears store remained open.

The remaining Sears employees were the ones still working on the Craftsman Tools. The remaining staff were able to keep the factory running with a tap of the foot.

In 2025, the last Sears store closed up shop. The remaining employees celebrated, but not for long.

The next day, the factory was raided and the workers were all shot in the head. The new owners were the same scammers that had made themselves rich off the Sears name. These criminals had bought the Craftsman brand off of Apex Tool Group.

These new owners of Craftsman had more in mind than just fixing their new money maker. The website created to scam the public was overhauled and given a new name.

The website was now called Crappys. The new owners also created a group of companies to sell their Crappy tools. These companies were called Craftsman Tools, Inc. The new owners were able to do this, because they had bought the entire Craftsman brand from Apex.

The new owners of the Crappy name were ruthless. They drove the other companies out of business, using predatory pricing.

They then bought up the bankrupt companies for a low price. Their final move was to fire all of the workers at these other companies. This move was extremely profitable as the new Crappys didn’t have to pay any workers.

The remaining staff at Crappys were able to keep the factory running at a bare minimum. The owners were able to make money, but not enough to be considered a success.

The owners had a decision to make; either fix the company, or close it down for good.

The owners decided to fix the company, but they didn’t change anything at all. They kept all of their Crappy factories, and continued to sell Crappy tools.

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The owners even kept their Crappy workers, and the Crappy CEO remained in power.

The company. however, never made a profit again.

Years later, the owners were found dead in their Crappy Offices. The owners were killed in a Crappy way.

Their Crappy factories were shut down by the government. The Crappy brand disappeared, and was never heard from again.

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