What is a roof water diverter?

What is a Roof Water Diverter?

A roof water diverter is a device used to collect rainwater from roofs and store it in tanks or cisterns. They are usually installed at the top of the house or building, but they can be placed anywhere where there is space to install them.

Rainwater collection devices are not only useful for saving water, but also provide many other benefits such as reducing storm damage, improving air quality and energy efficiency.

There are two types of roof water diverters: vertical and horizontal. Vertical ones use pipes to connect to the roof and allow rainwater collected on one side of the pipe to drain into another pipe connected to a tank or cistern.

Horizontal ones do not have any connection between the pipes and instead let rainwater run down through them. The advantage of these devices is that they don’t require plumbing work, which means less money spent on installation costs, maintenance, repairs and replacement parts.

The disadvantage of these devices is that they need to be maintained regularly since they will eventually wear out. Also, if the roof gets damaged due to heavy rains, then the water collected may overflow and cause problems.

These devices are best suited for houses with large roofs because they can collect enough rainwater to keep a house dry during bad weather conditions. However, if your home has small roofs like those found on apartments or condos, then you might want to consider installing a horizontal rain collector instead.

The disadvantage of these devices is that they are expensive and can cost several thousand dollars. Also, some homeowners prefer to keep their roof clean all year round so they may want to install a sprinkler system with a rain barrel.

If you decide to go for a rooftop rain collector, make sure you choose one made by an authorized manufacturer.

How Do Roof Water Divers Work?

Rainwater collection devices work by directing the flow of rainwater to a certain area. While gutters collect water from a rooftop, they don’t always lead it to the right place, which is why you need to invest in a diverter.

Rainwater diverters are attached on top of your gutter and direct the flow of rainwater in one direction, towards the rain barrel or water tank you’ve installed on your property.

There are two kinds of roof water diverters: the attachment and the stand-alone. Attachment roof water diverters are connected to your gutter while stand-alone diverters sit on top of it.

Attachment roof water diverters are very common and they’re usually made of plastic. They need to be installed with the use of clamps or screws and they direct rainwater by pushing it with small holes or funnels. Attachment roof water diverters are less costly and easier to maintain, but they’re not as efficient since most of the water will still go straight into your gutter. Stand-alone roof water diverters are more expensive and difficult to install, however they make sure that the maximum amount of rainwater reaches its container.

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How Much Water Can A Rooftop Rain Diverter Collect?

The amount of water that a rooftop rain diverter can collect depends on the quality of your gutters and how big your rooftop is. Most standard roof water diverters can collect up to 50 gallons of water in one heavy downpour.

If you want a bigger rainwater collector, you may need to install an additional container so it won’t overflow.

These collection devices can be used on small roofs with low-slope or on large roofs with high-slope. You can even use these devices on multi-level buildings so you can capture every last drop of rainwater that falls from the sky.

The only disadvantage of using these devices is that they may not come cheap since you need to buy all the parts and install them by yourself. But if you think about all the money you’ll be saving in the long run, then a rooftop rain diverter seems like a great investment for your home.

Where Can I Buy A Rooftop Rain Diverter?

If you’re thinking of installing a rainwater collection system on your property, make sure you buy your rain diverter from a trusted source. Most hardware stores sell plastic attachment roof water diverters since they’re the most common ones.

Stand-alone roof water diverters are harder to find in hardware stores and are usually only available online. You can also purchase these from specialized retailers and home improvement centers. If you want high-quality rainwater diverters that you can install with ease, go online and buy yours today.

Ready To Buy A Rooftop Rain Diverter?

Who doesn’t want to collect free rainwater to use for irrigation and other important things around the house? If you’re still thinking about it, then go ahead and buy a rooftop rain diverter. These handy roof water diversion systems are designed for heavy-duty use so you can efficiently collect every last drop of rain that falls from the sky.

Installing these devices is a breeze and they come in several sizes so you can buy the one that’s perfect for your rooftop. If you want to learn more about these systems, visit us today!

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