What is a struck joint?

What is a Struck Joint?

A strike joint is when there are two or more layers of mortar with different textures, but all have similar consistency. For example, if you had a layer of sandstone mortar and then another layer of limestone mortar, they would both be rough.

However, one could be finer than the other. A raked joint is where there are three or more layers of mortar with varying texture and consistency from one another. A raked joint will not necessarily have any cracks or holes in it.

The term “struck” refers to the fact that there is no mortar between the layers of material. When a piece of stone is cut into pieces, each piece must be put through a grinder first before being mixed together.

If one were to mix up all the stones at once, some would likely break off during grinding and fall out while others would remain stuck together. If these pieces were put back together, they would probably form a raked joint.

Striking a Raked Joint

When striking a raked joint, you want to make sure that you do not get too much pressure on the top surface of the mortar because then it might crack. You want to avoid getting too much pressure on the bottom side either since it may crack as well.

If you were to take a chunk of rock and grind it down until it was nothing but powder, you would have a raked joint. You might think that the rocks would just fall apart after grinding them, however, if you were to add water to the mixture, some of the dust particles would stick together and form a raked joint.

Otherwise, you want to make sure the pressure is distributed evenly in order to avoid any cracking at all.

When striking a raked joint, it is not as simple as mixing the mortar and stone together and then slapping them on the wall. You have to prepare the stone first.

This involves cutting pieces of stone in strips (don’t cut them too thin) and then grinding them on a grinder.

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The stones are then ground until they are very fine. This can take a while.

It is better to take smaller bits of stone and grind them more than to take big pieces and grind them less. When you are grinding the stone, it is best to add water to the mixture. This prevents the dust from becoming too thick and clogging up your machine (and lungs if you are foolish enough to inhale it).

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