What is the best wood to use for an outdoor shower?

What Is The Best Wood For An Outdoor Shower?

The question whether it is better to use oak or maple for an outdoor shower has been asked many times. Oak is considered to be a very strong wood, which makes it suitable for building large structures such as houses and barns. However, when used for showers, its strength comes at the cost of durability and longevity. Maple is much lighter than oak but still sturdy enough to withstand high temperatures without cracking. It is also a good choice for smaller projects where durability is not an issue.

Wood Types To Use For An Outdoor Shower Kit:

There are several types of woods that can be used for making an outdoor shower kit. These include; pine, spruce, fir, ash and cherry. Each one has advantages and disadvantages so you need to choose the right wood based on your needs.

Pine – Pine is a popular choice for making an outdoor shower kit because it’s light weight and durable. It is also easy to work with and does not require special tools. Pine shavings can be mixed into water to make soap which helps keep the outside clean. When using pine, the outside of the shower must have a layer of sand between it and the ground. If there isn’t enough sand, then you will get mold growth inside your shower.

Spruce – Spruce is a good wood to use for an outdoor shower kit because of its strength and durability. It also does not tend to rot as quickly as other woods such as cedar. This makes it a good choice if you live in a damp area. However, it can be slightly more difficult to work with than pine or other softwoods.

Spruce – Spruce looks similar to pine but it’s grain is tighter. It has a slightly darker color and lacks the knots that pine has. It is very similar to pine in every other way. It works well for making an outdoor shower kit but must be sanded before being sealed.

Fir – Fir is similar to spruce in that it is very soft, light weight and easy to work with. It does not require any sanding before applying a sealant but it is more brittle than other woods. This means that it must be handled with more care when constructing the shower.

Ash – Like the name suggests, ashwood is another type of wood that is good for making things like baseball bats and bowling pins. It is also another good choice for making outdoor showers. It requires very little maintenance and repels insects.

When it comes to building and installing an outdoor shower, you need to do your research before you begin. This involves making sure the structure is strong enough to support the weight of the water. You also need to think about the layout and how it will all work. Weigh up your options and choose the best materials for your specific situation. Make sure you have the correct tools and equipment as well as a solid plan before you begin.

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If in doubt, get professional help.

Step By Step Guide On How To Build An Outdoor Shower

How To Build An Outdoor Shower – The Right Way

Now that you have a better understanding of what goes into building an outdoor shower, it’s time to get to work. This guide is intended to help you through every step of the process. It includes all the things you need to think about before you begin as well as a full list of recommended equipment and materials. It also has a couple of different options for the layout so you can choose what’s best for your situation.

This is a fairly big project so make sure you allot enough time for it. It’s also a good idea to get someone to help you. This way you can work on it as time allows and there will be someone there to give you a hand when needed. It’s not a difficult project but there is a lot of lifting and carrying so be prepared!

Getting Started

The first thing you need to do is decide on the layout. The layout of your outdoor shower is important because it will affect the materials you need as well as the overall design. There are two main types of layout; a walled courtyard and an open gazebo style design.

Walled courtyard – This option is a square or rectangular shape made of either wood or stone with walls on three sides and solid roof. The roof could be made of wood, sheet metal or rigid plastic. This type of design makes the most of your space and provides enough room to get out of the rain, sun or snow if need be. One thing to consider though is that you will have to bring in all the materials needed to build it. This may not be an easy task if you do not have a truck or a car.

It is also the most expensive option because it requires more materials.

Gazebo style – This option does not take up as much space and can even be incorporated into an already existing deck or patio, if you have one. The flooring and roofing can be the same as the walled courtyard but the walls are going to be different. You are either going to have four walls and a roof or three walls and a roof. The walls will be made of something light weight like wood, PVC or plastic and roof can either be the same as the walls or it can be made of wood, metal or rigid plastic. If you decide on the three wall option, you are still going to need something to seal off the bottom of the structure to keep water from leaking in.

This can be as simple as plastic sheeting or tarp. This type of design requires less materials which means it’s cheaper to build but you won’t have as much cover from the elements. It also needs a bit more work because the walls need to be freestanding.

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Both options – You may want to consider having a gazebo style structure in the centre of a walled courtyard. This way you get the benefit of both designs while only having to build one structure, which saves time and money.

No matter what design you choose, make sure you leave enough room so that you can open the doors on the van without hitting the walls of the shower. Also, leave enough room between the shower and any walls, fences or other structures so you have enough room to move around.

Tips & Warnings

-Ensure that the structure is designed and built safely. It should have a solid base with walls that are high enough to prevent someone from jumping over and high enough so someone can’t accidentally bump their head on the roof. The roof needs to be able to hold up to weather conditions. Use strong, durable materials for walls and roof.

-Ensure there is a good waterproof barrier between the van and the shower structure. You will need to protect the van from rain, snow and any other water that may leak through the roof or walls.

-Check local zoning regulations before beginning construction.

-Have fun!

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