What is the best wood to use for exterior trim?

What Is Best Wood For Exterior Trim?

The most common type of wood used for exterior trim is pressure treated hardwood. These are usually notched or chipped, which makes them look different from regular wood. They have been treated with chemicals such as stain, oil and water resistant coatings to make it last longer.

The advantage of these types of woods is they don’t rot easily and will hold their shape better than other types of wood. However, there are disadvantages to using them. Because of the chemical treatments, they tend to be heavier than regular wood and may cause problems if your home gets flooded. Also, because of the weight, they aren’t as strong as other types of wood. You need to choose the right type of wood for your project based on several factors like cost, strength and durability.

Another type of wood used for exterior trim is veneer. Veneers are made up of multiple layers of wood glued together. The advantages to using veneers over pressure treated hardwoods include the fact that they don’t rot as easily and won’t weigh as much.

There are some downsides to using veneers though; they can crack if not properly cared for and may not be able to withstand high winds or flooding conditions.

How To Choose The Right Wood For Your Project?

There are many things to consider when choosing the right wood for your project. Here are some of the main considerations you need to take into consideration: Cost, Strength, Durability and Appearance. Let’s start with cost first.

There are many types of lumber available at any given time. Some of them can be cheaper than others. For example, pine may be cheaper than oak. However, you need to take into consideration the amount of work you’re going to put into the project. If you’re going to need a lot of wood such as for framing a house then you might want to consider using something like oak since it is stronger and therefore will require less of it. Strength is another thing that you might want to consider depending on the project that you’re doing. For example, if you’re building a table you probably want to choose something that is going to be strong enough to support a family dinner.

Durability is another thing that you might want to take into consideration depending on what the project is. For example, if you’re building a bookshelf perhaps aesthetics are more important than durability and therefore you’d choose something with a nice appearance over something with better durability. Finally, there is appearance.

Some types of wood just look better than others. For example, pine has a very distinct smell that some people may not like as compared to other types of wood. These are just some of the things you need to consider when choosing the right wood for your project. The main thing you need to remember is safety. Check your wood for bugs, rot and other types of damage before using it.

How To Locate A Tree

If you want to use wood that you get for free then you’re going to need to know how to identify trees. Here are some clues that will help you find a tree:

Look for a tree with a straight and tall trunk. This means that it’s healthy.

Trees that are close to each other are more likely to be alive since they can help support each other.

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Bent trees that are on the ground already are probably dead.

If you’re in a forest then trees that grow “alone” are probably the best candidates since they have enough sunlight and aren’t shaded by other trees.

So how do you actually cut down a tree? This is a very common question and fortunately it’s relatively quite simple. There are a few things you’re going to need to do this however. First of all, you’re going to need an axe.

Nowadays people often use chainsaws but in the good old days it was all about the axe. Next you’re going to need rope. This is used for tying the tree trunk so that you don’t get crushed by a falling tree. Finally, you’re going to need some help. This is a two man job and you’re not going to be able to cut down a large tree without help. It’s also best if one of the people is stronger since they’re going to be pulling on the rope while the other person cuts down the tree.

Step 1: Find a good tree to cut down

Let’s start off by finding a good tree. As I mentioned earlier, find a tree that is straight, tall and has few branches. Also find a tree that is near by and easy to access.

Look for a tree that is on the edge of a forest so that it has room around it and so that you don’t have to waste time cutting down other trees first.

The perfect tree!

Step 2: Cut halfway through the tree trunk

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Remember when I said this is a two person job? Well, get your friend and stand on opposite sides of the tree trunk. Make sure that the two of you are holding on to the axe so that you’re in a position where you can pull down with all of your weight. You want to make sure that your wrists are strong since they’re going to be taking most of the load.

Each of you pull down on the axe as hard as you can while simultaneously pushing with all your might with your feet. The idea is to cut halfway through the tree trunk. Make sure that both of you are doing the same thing or else it’s just going to get wobbly.

Step 3: Finish the cut

Continue to pull down on the axe and push with all your weight. The tree should start to sway a bit. This is normal and part of the process.

Now, finish the cut by cutting all the way through the tree trunk. By now the tree should be so unsteady that a good kick should make it fall over. Sometimes if the tree is particularly large then you may need to be a little more patient and wait for it to fall on it’s own.

Once the tree has fallen down then you can start cutting it up into smaller pieces that are more manageable.

Congratulations! You have now learned how to cut down trees like a lumberjack.

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