What is the easiest way to cut PVC pipe?

PVC Ratchet Cutter

The PVC ratchet cutter is one of the most useful tools that you need to cut PVC pipe. You can use it to cut PVC pipe in various lengths, shapes and sizes. With this tool you will not have any problems cutting pvc pipe. There are many different types of PVC pipes available in the market today.

Some of them are flexible, some are rigid and some are even hollow. All these kinds of PVC pipes require different tools to cut them. With the help of a ratchet cutter, you can easily cut through all these different kinds of pipes. It is because of this specific feature that makes this tool so popular among people who work with PVC pipe on regular basis. Mostly people use saws to cut pvc pipes of different kinds.

The PVC Ratchet cutter is a new invention that makes cutting jobs of all types of pvc pipes very easy and quick. The ratchet cutter is also known by many other names such as; the plumbers knife, the plumbers saw or the plumbers friend. You do not need to use any kind of saws or special torches to cut through pvc pipes. The PVC ratchet cutter contains a flexible cable with two sharp edges on either side.

If you pull these edges in opposite directions, then the cable becomes very tight and rigid. This makes it a very effective tool for cutting pipes and other objects. To cut through a pvc pipe, you simply have to wrap the cable around the pipe a few times and then pull in opposite directions. By repeating this procedure a couple of times, you can easily cut through any kind of pvc pipe.

How to Cut PVC Pipe Without Tools

The following is a list of how to cut pvc pipe without tools:

There are many ways in which you can cut through a pvc pipe without using any tools. The easiest way is to use a string. If you are still thinking about using a light saber, then let me stop right here. The string is the easiest way to cut the pvc pipe.

So, wrap a strong string around the pvc pipe and then pull it in opposite directions. This will cut through the pvc pipe after a few tries.

There are other ways that you can use to cut through a pvc pipe without using any tools at all. One of these ways is to use your hands. Yes, this may sound silly but it actually works. All you have to do is get a pvc pipe that has a very thin diameter.

Then place your hands on both sides of the pipe and then start twisting it back and forth until it snaps in two. It may take a while but it is certainly better than nothing at all.

Another way to cut through a pvc pipe is to use fire. All you have to do is get a piece of steel and keep it close to the pvc pipe that you want to cut. Then take a lighter and start burning the pvc pipe. The heat from the fire should be more than enough to create a fissure in the pvc pipe and cause it to break into two.

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At last, you can try and use the old slice-n-break method. I am sure that many of you have done this before. All you have to do is get a blade of some kind and start slicing through the pvc pipe. Since the pvc pipe is not very strong, it should break easily.

Be careful when doing this since the pvc pipe may break in a way that the edges are very sharp.

With all these new tools and ways to cut pvc pipe, there is no reason why you should not be able to finish the job. So remember these methods and use them to your advantage.

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