Where do you start when building a deck?

What is a Deck?

A deck is a structure used to support or protect something from falling down. A deck can be made of wood, concrete, metal, stone or other materials. The term “deck” refers to any type of structure designed so that it supports another object against gravity and allows movement along its surface. It can also refer to the part of such structures which are supported by these supports (such as the top).

The word “dendritic” comes from the Latin word meaning “to grow”. Dendrites are small branches growing out of a stem. They are usually found at the base of leaves, stems and roots.

How to Build a Deck?

There are many ways to build a deck. Some decks consist only of one level while others have two or three levels. Most decks consist of several parts: foundation, decking material, railing and steps. The first thing to consider is what kind of deck you want to make. There are different types of decks depending on the purpose for which you intend to use them.

For example, a deck built for recreational purposes would not need much additional protection than a regular deck. On the other hand, if your goal is to build a home or even an office building then you will probably require more protection than just standard construction requirements.


Most decks are built with concrete blocks. These are called foundations because they provide the foundation for the rest of the deck. There are different types of foundations and their purpose varies depending on what kind of deck you want to build. For example, if your goal is to make a deck for walking around on, then a solid foundation would be necessary.

How to Build a Freestanding Deck?

A freestanding deck is a structure that does not have any connection to the main building. Arguably this is one of the most common types of decks for residential homes. Since it is a freestanding structure, it should be built on flat and level ground. If you are planning to build a freestanding deck, it is best that you hire professionals to create and install it for you. If you want to make a deck for laying down, then this is not necessary.


Decking is the wood that covers the top side of the foundations. The type of decking material needed depends on your goal and the size of the structure.


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Most decks have railings to prevent accidents caused by falling from a great height. The railing material depends on what kind of deck you are building. You can always build a freestanding deck on the ground and then create a second level. Keep in mind that you will still need to hire a professional to do this for you.

How to Build a Raised Deck?

A raised deck is basically a deck that consists of more than one level. For example, you can build a deck with a first and second level or even implement several more levels.


If you need to get on or off the deck, then you will need steps. Again, the material for the steps depends on what kind of deck you want.

These are the basics of how to build and design a deck. Raised decks are usually built on the ground. This is beneficial because it provides more stability and prevents accidents from falling off the deck.

How to Build a Ground Level Deck?

In contrast to raised decks, ground level decks are usually positioned one level above the ground. The construction of this type of deck is more complex than a raised deck because there needs to be a proper foundation. This type of deck is also commonly known as a porch. It is always best to hire professionals for this type of work because deck construction requires special skills and knowledge of materials. If you are unsure of anything, it would be best to ask an expert first before attempting to build a deck yourself.


If you want to build a ground level deck, then these tips will help.

First, you will need to pour a concrete pad for the support of the deck. This needs to be done by professionals because they can make sure that it is done right. The next thing that you will need is good weather and plenty of time. Ground level decks take more time than other types of decks because everything has to be done perfectly.

How to Build a Roof Deck?

A roof deck is a type of deck that is built on top of a house or an apartment. It is sometimes called a patio depending on the context. A roof deck is usually accessed from within the house through a set of stairs. There are several benefits to having a roof deck including better lighting and additional space. They also allow you to enjoy fresh air and sunlight without the hassle of going to the ground floor.

How to Build a Ground Level Deck

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A ground level deck is a deck that is positioned at the same height of the ground. They are usually very easy to access and relatively cheap to build.

There are several advantages to building a ground level deck over raised decks and roof decks. If you do not have enough money to build a raised deck or roof deck, then build a simple ground level one instead.

Before starting any deck construction, make sure you have permission from the owner of the property. If you do not own the property that you are constructing on, then you will most likely need to get permission from the owner or at least receive confirmation that it is okay to build a deck on their property.

If it is okay to build a deck, then you can get started right away!

Building A Deck With A Permit

There are several factors that come into play when building a deck. These include the types of materials that you will use, the size and dimensions of the deck, where it is going to be positioned, if you need a permit to build it, and so on.

If you are planning on building a deck in your backyard or somewhere in your home, then these tips will help you.

Firstly, you will need to mark off the area of where you want to build the deck. Make sure that it is positioned in a place that gets a lot of sunlight during most of the day. Mark out the area using some string and stakes.

You can now start building your deck!

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Deck Design

The first step in building a deck is deciding on a design. There are literally hundreds of different designs and patterns to choose from. Some may be too complex for your skill level so start simple. Look through different home improvement and do-it-yourself magazines to get some ideas. Browse the web for pictures or look through books at your local library.

There are two main types of designs that you should consider: framed and span.

Building A Ground Level Deck – Materials

The materials that you use will depend on several factors. These include: the budget that you have set aside for the project, the amount of time that you are willing to spend building it, your own personal sense of style and preference, and more. Different types of wood also have different strengths and weaknesses. Some are more resistant to rotting than others for example. A framed deck design means that each individual board or piece of plywood is attached to another board on the edges and corners.

A span design means that there is not a supporting board underneath the individual piece, it is just supported by boards around it.

Deck Materials

There are several different types of materials that can be used to build decks. The most common material is wood because it is easy to work with and readily available at most home improvement stores.

The size and dimensions of the deck are also important factors that play a role in choosing the materials. If you want a solid and sturdy deck that can withstand a lot of weight, then you may need to use more expensive and hardy lumber. If the deck is going to be positioned in a high traffic area or somewhere that experiences a lot of wind, then you will need to use materials that can handle these adverse conditions. There are wood preservatives that you can buy to protect the wood from rotting, or you can choose high quality wood that doesn’t need as much maintenance.

Composite decking is another common material for building a deck. This type of material is made up of a combination of different materials such as recycled plastic. While it isn’t as strong as most types of wood, it doesn’t require special treatment. It won’t warp or rot easily and is cheaper than most types of wood. Building a deck on soft or weak soil will also be more difficult.

Using pressure treated lumber is a good idea, especially if the deck is going to be positioned over a concrete slab or on the ground. This type of wood has been specially treated with chemicals to prevent against insects and rot. This type of lumber is usually light brown in color.

Some types of lumber are better suited for certain designs and styles of deck. The material is also easy to work with and fairly lightweight.

Building A Ground Level Deck – Design

There are several different design and layout options available for building a ground level deck.

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The simplest way of building one is to construct a square or rectangular frame using strong and durable posts made from wood or metal. Once this has been done, you can then place smaller pieces of wood across the frame to create the deck surface. For example, the amount of weathering that the wood experiences during its lifetime should be taken into account when choosing the material. This design is very easy to build and only requires basic carpentry skills. This style of deck doesn’t look as attractive or as strong as other designs, but it is cheap to construct and great for learning how to build a deck.

One advantage of this design is that you can easily modify it to create different shapes such as a circle or semi-circle.

A more complicated but stronger design involves building the posts into a circle and then laying decking across the top to create a dome shaped deck. This is better if you want to create an outdoor living space that has seating and can also be covered with a roof.

This type of deck is expensive and complex to build, but it does allow you to create essentially an entire second story outdoors without the use of any additional materials or framing.

Building A Ground Level Deck – Other Things To Consider

Decking material is available from timber or alternative timber suppliers and DIY stores and comes in a wide range of sizes, prices, colors and styles. Some types are cheaper than others and some are better suited to certain designs and locations. For example, cedar wood is a popular choice for decks as it is naturally resistant to decay and insect damage. Redwood and cypress are also good choices due to their natural weather resistance. Composite decking is a good choice of material as it isn’t affected by a range of weather conditions and is cheaper than pure wood.

Decking comes in huge variety of sizes, shapes and designs. For example, the size of the decking will determine its use and who will be able to use it. Very large decking may be suitable for parties and BBQs, but too big and the deck can’t be easily swept clean or maintained. Also, ground level decking should be large enough for people to move around on easily.

The design and shape of the decking will determine how it looks and how much effort it will take to maintain it. For example, some designs can retain water and increase the risk of slipping if they aren’t cleaned properly.

Decking should also be positioned so that its edges or ends don’t overhang the frame. This is for safety reasons and also to prevent the deck from rotting or being damaged.

Building A Ground Level Deck – Images

In this example we have a deck that is built into a semi-circle and has a roof which means that it can be used for outdoor living all year round.

Here we have another deck that has been built to create a fully covered and enclosed living space. It even has steps up to it, so no one would even know it was an addition!

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This deck is built from pressure treated wood and has a simple bench seat and railing around the edge. Pressure treated wood contains chemical preservatives that help to prevent it from rotting, but it is important not to let the ends or edges overhang and to keep the deck clean and dry to prevent damage.

This deck is more of a simple design and doesn’t have a roof or enclosed sides, but there is still plenty of room to sit or stand safely while enjoying the outdoors. The decking has been laid so that the ends overhang the supporting posts which means that they are kept out of the way but are still completely supported.

Building A Ground Level Deck – Consider Your Options

If you want to build a deck but aren’t exactly sure how you want it to look or what you want it to be used for, it is a good idea to do some research first. This website gives you some great ideas to get you started, but you can also do your own research online or talk with professionals such as an architect or deck builder.

If you buy a kit, most come with full instructions and their own design ideas, so if you are new to this or not too sure what you want, a kit might be the way to go.

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