Who makes Husqvarna leaf blowers?

Husqvarna Leaf Blower 125b: What Is It?

The Husqvarna leaf blower 125b is a hand-held leaf blower with a powerful motor. It was introduced in 2006 and it’s one of the most popular models among enthusiasts. It has been designed to produce high quality smoke without excessive noise or dust production. It produces a fine mist of smoke which is very effective at removing small insects from your garden. It works well when used indoors and outdoors.

Husqvarna leaf blower 125b Review: Pros & Cons


It’s lightweight and compact size makes it easy to move around the house. (2 lbs) It comes with a carrying case so you don’t have to worry about transporting it back home after use. You can easily carry it inside your car and then put it into the luggage compartment of your plane.

It’s quiet and doesn’t make much noise. It doesn’t create any dust or particles in the air which may cause allergy problems.

You can operate it even if you’re not familiar with how to operate a leaf blower. It’s simple design makes it easy to operate. (3/5)

It doesn’t require any maintenance other than regular cleaning. (4/5)

It has a large fan which helps to blow out the smoke effectively. (6/10)

You can control the speed of the fan using a remote control. (7/10)

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You can adjust the temperature of the air stream using buttons located on top of the unit. It’s very easy to use.

It’s very effective for clearing smoke or dust out of the air. Many people have allergies caused by smoke or dust. This leaf blower is great at getting rid of these things without creating a mess.

It’s durable and long lasting, so it won’t break easily. It can survive even if you drop it on the ground accidentally. Even if it breaks, it’s cheap to buy a new one online. It has three temperature adjustments. (9/10)

It’s affordable and will fit within any household budget. You don’t have to worry about going beyond your budget to buy this product. (10/10)


The smoke isn’t visible during day time, only at night. You can use a torchlight to see the smoke but it can be annoying having to hold a torchlight while you’re using the blower.

The smoke doesn’t repel animals as much as you want it to.

The battery life isn’t great and doesn’t last very long. This is probably because of the powerful motor fitted inside the unit.

Who Makes Husqvarna Leaf Blowers?

We found out that Husqvarna makes some of the best leaf blowers on the market and many people buy them online. This brand has been around for decades and they’re known for their quality products.

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But who exactly is Husqvarna anyway? What do they do and why are they so popular?

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